Gayatri Seshadri. Dancer/Teacher.

Gayatri Seshadri is an alumna of Chennai-based Bharata Kalanjali founded by the legendary dance gurus, the Dhananjayans. Sri V P Dhananjayan and his wife Shanta Dhananjayan, popularly known as the Dhananjayans have become a legendary dancing couple of India in their own lifetime. Gayatri continued to sharpen her skills in this divine art under the able guidance of Smt. Radhika Shurajit, one of the senior disciples of the Dhananjayans.

Drawing from her years of training and performing and following the best traditions of her Alma Mater – Bharata Kalanjali, Gayatri Seshadri founded the Darshini Natayalaya Academy in Memphis, Tennessee in 1998 and relocated to Georgia in 2013. She now performs and trains students in this art form from her studio in Cumming, Georgia. Darshini Natyalaya’s mission is to increase each student’s physical, emotional and intellectual well being through the art of Bharathanatyam. In addition, Darshini Natyalaya seeks to increase their curiosity and passion for Indian culture, mythology, music and art.

At a young age, she was selected from her dance school for the Tamilnadu Iyal Isai Nataka Mandram. She has given many performances with her gurus in India. She has also performed in prestigious sabhas like Narada Gana Sabha, Krishna Gana Sabha and Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. She has also given many solo performances in the United States. Gayatri shares her passion for dance, with young minds at her school of dance, Darshini Natayalaya.

The Dhananjayans. Guru.

The Padmabhushan awardees The Dhananjayans (Shanta & Dhananjayan) are international celebrities with almost six decades in the field of performing arts of Bhaarat. Their academy, Bharatakalanjali in Adyar, Chennai is a standing testimony to the art & culture of Bhaaratam. With innumerable performances to their credit, covering a global spectrum, this made for each other couple is a beacon light icon to generations to come. Immaculate communicators through their exemplary performances all over the world, they bring credit to the Nation by propagation and preservation of the art & culture of Bhaarat.

Bharatakalanjali is going to hit its Golden jubilee shortly with hundreds of their alumni spread globally.

Radhika Shurajit. Guru.

Radhika Shurajit, eldest of the Trio Sisters, is the first and senior most disciple of The Dhananjayans and Padmabhushan Smt. Kalanidhi Narayanan.

Radhika is a professional performer and teacher of Bharatanatyam with over 30 years of rich experience.

The name “Radhika Shurajit” has been synonymous with her internationally popular weekly Television program “Thaka Dhimi Tha”, which airs on Jaya TV satellite channel. This highly acclaimed program has now completed eight years of broadcast and has been widely watched by dance Gurus as well as dance students all over the world.