Mechanical Monkeys

"Strangeness and familiarity co-mingle and collide in these visionary poems, informed by both a pop culture sensibility and a masterful grasp of the texture and nuance of human speech. Mechanical Monkeys is anything but robotic – real love, anger, sorrow and delight course through Epp’s work like life’s very blood, captured in street names and everyday details, making the poems as universal as the orbits of planets and as specific as a drop of rain evaporating on hot cement. Leonard Cohen once said that cracks are how the light gets in. Epp’s deep cuts into the Veil of the Ordinary flood our senses with the light of revelation." – Grammy nominee Barry Alfonso, author of A Voice of the Warm: The Life of Rod McKuen

Mechanical Monkeys is an act of resistance against technology’s war upon the sacred. The poems inside this book rage against the way we’ve replaced people with robots, the real with the replica, and defiantly insist ‘without love, it’s all just paperwork.’

"squeaky cloud cogs. sci-fi lego sky.

bramble and thistle sabotaging the

construction site. stuttering pirate

parrot. the courtroom drama’s

shocking twist, the beat cop

just looking to make the quota.

how close we come to mystery,

with only algorithm standing

between being human or a

burger king beef cow! moo."