The Facts behind the Dark Web Mystery Boxes

Darknet or the Darkweb as it is popularly known has been in the news for quite some time. The platform has grown in stature and in size in terms of popularity since its introduction in the first decade of the 21st century. The platform has been notorious for selling and promoting all kinds of shady things which includes anything and everything one can possibly think of. The Dark Web directories have web pages that are listed on the Dark web directories.

What Makes the Dark Web Anonymous?

The web pages in the Dark Web Links are not indexed by regular surface web engines and have special search engines that will fetch web pages that end with .onion Sites Links. The Dark web is not all bad as it seems from the outside or as the name suggests. Actually in reality it is a place where government organizations, private corporations keep their confidential information. It is also a safe repository of information that is accessed by using special software called the Tor browser which encrypts all the communication that takes place between two computers that access the internet. It is an open-source platform that hides the user's IP addresses which makes it very difficult to track the location of the sender, the path of the message, and the destination it has been sent.

Tor allows access to others which is in the Tor .onion URLs directories. Silk Road is an example famous Deep Web Sites Link which listed and advertised all kinds of products and services that is imaginable. Everything was available on the Deep Web and Dark Web Sites (Silk Road 1.0) from drugs to arms and ammunitions to pornographic images, to even hiring contract killers. Though now the famous founder of the now defunct and banned website (Silk Road) have been taken to prison, soon after that Silk Road 2.0 and Silk Road 3.0 have taken their place.

Dark Web’s Most Favored Method of Payment

On the Deep Web directories, anything that is bought has to be paid in Cryptocurrency which is the only untraceable payment option that is available. It has its reason for usage as it is not controlled and regulated by any central bank or authority. It is a virtual form of currency that is accepted by any individual if anyone has access to a Cryptocurrency wallet. It is a peer to peer payment solution that is very popular and widespread in .onion Sites Link.

Mystery Boxes and You Tubers

Users ordering products and services via the Best Dark web Websites pay with Cryptos. There is the advent of this new package which is commonly known as mystery boxes that are available on the Darknet forums. The rise in trend or popularity is due to a large number of such Pandora box or mystery boxes being ordered by social media stars to garner likes and increase their subscriber base for their channel. On the Darknet forums where these mystery boxes are sold available between a price range starting from 100 dollars to 1000 dollars contain boxes full of horrible materials to an empty box as well. Sometimes the “mystery box” sellers can have profiles and reviews but the entire process is completely anonymous.

Some YouTube videos told their audience about the good they felt about the package they had received at the doorstep while others felt disappointed and often regretted getting the boxes delivered at their home address. After getting the package of the mystery boxes from the Dark Web Links they would film themselves going through the contents. Most of the time, the YouTubers end their videos disappointed and disgusted with what’s inside — one person was even sent a completely empty box. As the origin or the place from where the mystery box parcel is coming is often unknown and is largely untraceable social media influencers are putting more faith and some amount of their hard-earned money on dark web sellers.

In one video, a You Tuber, who goes by Mind Seed TV, opens the mystery box to find a used backpack of a girl. As stated by him in an interview: “It’s dirty as hell, it’s definitely used. There are stains and stuff on the bottom of it,” he says. Inside the kid's bag is an outfit for a little boy and later, Mind Seed TV pulls a handful of books out, looking to make the children look like they’re possessed.

Another You Tuber or social influencer named Joseph Widner also filmed himself pulling out two creepy dolls and a red screwdriver which had blood stains on them with hair clinging on the blades of it.

Alex Meiner was another You Tuber to receive an apparent handwritten note in his mystery box. The note was sent by the mystery box seller which read as followed “Dear Friend,” the note reads that Life is a mystery — a very, very dirty mystery and sometimes you never know what you are touching or what you are leaving behind. The seller also advised and cautioned the You Tuber to wear gloves.

Inside, Alex discovered a bag of white powder, a tool with a red sticker marked biohazard and a CD. When inserting the CD into his computer he found out an audio file in it were heard sounds of kids playing and laughing and also a voice which said: “I see you”. In reality, making up these kinds of videos is entirely possible for social media influencers as it can garner millions of hits. For You, Tubers ordering mystery boxes on the Darknet has become the latest trend and at the same time, a very dangerous one to sweep the internet.

While most YouTubers laugh at spending hundreds of dollars on a box full of junk what they fail to understand is where their money going and to what purpose it is being made to use. Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are used for payments for such anonymous transactions and since this virtual money can be transferred anywhere, it can be put to the wrong use to finance, plan and pay for illegal proceeds.