Hello and welcome to the Dark Star Developments website, this is a portal that I use for sharing some personal artwork and open source projects. I can usually be found on Freenode IRC #blender under the name "TheRookie".


Some Blender 2.8 organic models, some sculpted and some modelled.


This is a creature that I sculpted to test using the Blender skin modifier as a base mesh for creature creation. Once the quick sculpt was done, I used it as a test model for retopologising the very dense 200k poly mesh into something that only contained 6k polys and could be easily UV unwrapped and animated.

Retopology not only applied to organic meshes but in this case to a hard surface mesh with some arched doorways cut into it.

Imported Assets

This character is Blenda an imported model created by Royal Skies LLC and their marvellous patrons. The model is freely downloadable from this link. When you download the model it will look very much like the left image, but with a little modelling, materials and lighting you can get output like that on the right (i actually spent way too much time on this but it enjoyable non the less!)

Hard Surfaces

Some Hard Surface low polygon modelling in Blender 2.8 created principally with meshes and subdivision surface modifiers.

I put this together while fixing my sticking Wacom nib! (As a tip if you find your drawing strokes contining after lifting your stylus use a pair of plyers or your nib removal tool to gently pull out the nib and give it a good clean!)


A recreation of an old spacecraft design originally created in Realsoft 3D and now recreated in Blender 2.81.

It is a mean blade like slab of metal skulking about the void.

Micro Mouse

A very old piece of artwork I created using the Realsoft 3D software but still one of my favourites.

It is a mechanical maze solving robotic mouse with forward facing cameras and detailed internal mechanisms.

This was created for the Miles Finley Real3D Image contest that I would often enter, contents are a great way to push and motivate yourself.


A spanner created originally for a speed modelling competion (I used to be very fast in the old days!).

The first image is the original created in Realsoft 3D around 2005 and the second image is the recreation in Blender 2.8 2019.

The old Realsoft Subdivision surfaces and Raytracer output was very good and even today has a great look to its reflections.