Daniel Reichman's Webpage

Welcome to my Homepage! 

I'm an assistant professor at the department of computer science at WPI.  I have finished my PhD at the Weizmann Institute under the Supervision of Uri Feige.  Before WPI I was a postdoc at Cornell, Berkeley and Princeton.         Email: daniel.reichman@gmail.com

Research interests: 

Machine learning, Neural Networks 

Artificial intelligence 

Random graphs and complex networks

Algorithms and approaches that go beyond worst case analysis

Cognitive Science 


PC Membership: 

   RANDOM 2021, 2023 AISTATS 2023, 2024 (Area Chair)


New paper providing running time lower bounds for Simulated Annealing for finding approximate solutions to the independent set problem. Together with Zongchen Chen, Dan Mikulincer and Alex Wein.  

New paper about depth separation for neural networks using lower bounds for threshold circuits. With Itay Safran and Paul Valiant. 

Upcoming talks and conferences:

       April 19th: University of California, Santa Barbara theory colloquium

     April 23rd: UMASS Amherst CS theory seminar

     July 1-5: ADYN Summer School, Dortmund