Daniel Raphael

Intention of this site:

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Philosophical yet eminently pragmatic.

Social evolution

Clearly defined intention for public education;

Development of socially sustainable families;

Evolutionary development (Next Step) of democratic processes;

Discovery of the seven values that have sustained our species;

“Organic Morality” based on the values that are organic to our DNA

Critical Pivotal Point:

● The seven values that have sustained our species for over 8,000 generations provide the fulcrum between the needs of individuals, families, and social institutions; and the evolution of individuals, families, and social/societal organizations.

● Because these values are universal to all people of all races, ethnicity, culture, nationality, and gender they must also become the universal decision-making criteria of all organizations and social institutions, as well as individuals, families, and communities in order to achieve social stability; social, political, and economic peace; and eventually social sustainability.

See book descriptions for greater detail about these topics.