Past 5 years

“Models of Virtue,” Central Division meeting of the APA, 2019

“Takings, Taxation, and Labor,” meeting of the PPE Society, New Orleans, March 2018; conference on corruption, King’s College London, May 2018

"Aristotle’s Silver Mean,” Department of Classical Languages, Wake Forest University, February 2018

“Practical Unintelligence and the Vices,” The Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtue, January 2017; Aristotle Resurgent, University of Pittsburgh, May 2017

“What We Don’t Know about Happiness,” lecture series on happiness in social science and public policy, Department of Philosophy, Seoul National University, December 2016

Comments on Christopher Gill’s manuscript for a workshop on Stoic virtue ethics, Yale University, October 2016

Comments on Susan Wolf’s theory of meaning in life for a workshop at the Center for the Study of Mind in Nature, Oslo, September 2016

“Putting Ideals in Their Place,” keynote address, Virtue and Moral Cognition, University of Gdansk, October 2015; Philosophy Department Colloquium, Ryerson University, Toronto, November 2015; keynote address, Cultivating Virtues, The Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtue, January 2016; keynote address, The Beacon Project Initial Workshop, Wake Forest University, July 2016

Comments on Neera Badhwar, Well-Being: Happiness in a Worthwhile Life, Arizona Current Research Workshop, March 2015