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202318/01 Paris, Bourse De Commerce [GUT live] TICKETS30/11 Gent, Viernulvier [GUT live] TICKETS18/11 Bern, Full of Lava Festival [GUT live] TICKETS03/11 Guimaraes, Mucho Flow Festival [GUT live] TICKETS01/11 Bergen, EKKO Festival [GUT live] TICKETS20/10 Gent, Gent Film Festival [GUT film] TICKETS 13/10 London, Kings Place [GUT live] TICKETS07/10 Riga, Skanu Mezs Festival [GUT live] TICKETS06/10 Budapest, UH Festival [GUT live] TICKETS28/09 Warsaw, Avant Art Festival [GUT live] TICKETS17/09 Vienna, Unsafe + Sounds [GUT live] TICKETS14/09 Prague, Synapse Again [GUT live] TICKETS01/08 St Moritz Film Art Festival [GUT film] TICKETS25/08 Météo [VAKA with Antonin Gerbal, Joel Grip & Elvin Brandhi] TICKETS23/05 Institute of Contemporary Arts, London [GUT live] TICKETS 17/05 Teatro Basilica, Rome [GUT live] TICKETS 27/04 Botanique, Brussels [GUT live] TICKETS08/04 Rewire Festival, The Hague [GUT live] TICKETS28/01 CTM Festival, Berlin [GUT live] TICKETS13/01 All Ears Festival @ MUNCH, Oslo [VAKA with Antonin Gerbal, Joel Grip & Elvin Brandhi] TICKETS
202212/11 Sonic City (curated by Low) Kortrijk [solo]  TICKETS01/10 KW Institute for Contemporary Art [sync Lydia Ourahmane] INFO17/09 Nya Perspektiv, Västerås [BAHK] TICKETS22/05 All Ears Festival for Improvised Music @ MUNCH, Oslo [solo] TICKETS21/05 Lokal Clubb, Trondheim [solo]08/05 Cafe Oto, London [duo with Billy Steiger]22/04 Umlaut Festival [with Joel Grip, Antonin Gerbal, Elvin Brandhi]
2021:27/11 FRAIM at Frames Of Representation, ICA London [solo] - TICKETS02/10 Skaņu Mežs Festival, Riga Latvia  [GUO]26/08 Sponz Festival, Calitri, Italy [with Billy Steiger]20/07 Beaches Brew, Ravenna, Italy [solo] - cancelled17/07 Essenziale Festival, Schio, Italy - cancelled 
2020:05/12 Next Festival, Bratislava / Cafe Oto  [with Ute Kanngiesser, Billy Steiger & Tom Wheatley] - LIVE STREAM31/10 Zé dos Bois Gallery, Lisbon [BAHK with Elvin Brandhi]17/09 Terni, Teatro di Secci [solo]13/09 Terme, Antiteatro del Venda [solo] - TICKETS31/08 Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago [with Crystabel Riley & Yuki Yamamoto] - LIVE STREAM24/06 Kiezsalon, Berlin, DE website [GUO] - postponed 07/06 SILVER DINNER with Elvin Brandhi - LIVE STREAM03/05 SILVER DINNER with Keiji Haino - LIVE STREAM 29/04 SILVER DINNER [solo] - LIVE STREAM 26/04 GUO present GYUTO w/ Brady Corbet, Bristol New Music, The Cube, Bristol, UK website [GUO] - cancelled 17/03 Cafe Oto, London, [solo] - LIVE STREAM  17/03 Cafe Oto, London (David toop & Elaine Mitchener) [solo] - cancelled 11/03-13/03 GUO Present Glitsh w/ Elvin Brandhi, Pilar, Brussels, BE facebook tickets website [GUO] - cancelled11/01 Dni Muzyki Nowej, Gdansk, PL   [GUO]    Tickets Facebook
2019:17/12 A Worm's Tail View Is Often The True One: Films by Pere Portabella  - more info 16/12 Bahk (with Elvin Brandhi) lecture at Newcastle University - info30/11 Madeira.dig, Medeira, PT [GUO] 11/10 AM Fest, Barcelona [solo]    Event04/10 GUO: GYUTO with Brady Corbet, Close Up Cinema Tickets  05/08 Urban Spree, Berlin - [GUO]04/08 Deichtorhallen, Hamburg [GUO] Website     FB Event13/07 Bos! Festival, Gullegem, Belgium [with Tom Wheatley and Billy Steiger]     Event    Tickets16/06 Camp Elsewhere, Merthyr Mawr, Wales [with Elvin Brandhi]     Tickets      FB Event13/06 Rhizz, Vienna ZZZ#4 [ with Elvin Brandhi]     Event 12/06 La Fine, Rome [BAHK with Elvin Brandhi] 31/05 Cafe Oto, London  [BAHK with Elvin Brandhi + Ilana Blumberg, Ross Lambert, Billy Steiger, Tom Wheatley ] Event25/05 Hamburg, Elbphilharmonie w/ Arto Lindsay (presented by Hans Ulrich Obrist)   [ trio with Billy Steiger & Tom Wheatley]16/05 Kvaka22, Belgrade [with Elvin Brandhi] Event 15/05 Фабрика Автономия, Sofia [with Elvin Brandhi] Event14/05 Absinthe House, Plovdiv [with Elvin Brandhi] Event25/03 Le Phare, Limoges, France   [with Billy Steiger]    Tickets24/03/2019 - Place Santa Katalina Kapera, Sare, France   [with Billy Steiger]   Tickets    Event23/03 Eglise de Gesu, Toulouse, France  [with Billy Steiger]    Tickets22/03 Cactus @ Ryelandtzaal, Brugge, Belgium  [with Billy Steiger]    Tickets     Event21/03 Maison Folie d’Hospice d'Havré, Tourcoing, France [with Billy Steiger]    Tickets     Event19/03 Treinnale, Milan, Italy [ trio with Billy Steiger & Tom Wheatley] Tickets Event  18/03 Unplugged In Monti, Spin Time Labs, Rome, Italy  [ trio with Billy Steiger & Tom Wheatley]    Tickets (presale)     Event17/03 Teatro di Strada Nuova, Genova, Italy  [ trio with Billy Steiger & Tom Wheatley]    Tickets      Event16/03 Klang, Teatro della Concordia, San Costanzo, Italy  [ trio with Billy Steiger & Tom Wheatley]    More information15/03 Cripta del Duomo, Avellino, Italy  [ trio with Billy Steiger & Tom Wheatley]    Tickets     Event14/03 Sudpol, Luzern, Switzerland  [with Ute Kanngiesser]   Tickets  Event25/01 Aalborg, Northern Winter Beat   [duo with Jim White]24/01 Copenhagen, Vega   [duo with Jim White]23/01 Malmo, Inkonst  [duo with Jim White]
2018:10/12 Lison, Zé dos Bois Gallery [with Elvin Brandhi]09/12 Porto, Spolier Room [with Elvin Brandhi]04/12 London St John on Bethnal Green [+ Josh T Pearson] 02/12 Berlin, Roter Salon [with Elvin Brandhi & Billy Steiger]01/12 Jena, Trafo [with Elvin Brandhi]30/11 Heidelberg, Karlstorbahnhof [with Elvin Brandhi]29/11 Nürnberg, Z-Bau [solo]25/11 Napoli, IT Wakeupandream [with Billy Steiger]24/11 Foligno, IT Auditorium San Domenico [with Billy Steiger]23/11 Transmissions Festival, Ravenna, IT [with Billy Steiger]22/11 Pordenone, IT Capitol [with Billy Steiger]18/11 Ars Cameralis, Katowice, PL  [with Billy Steiger and Tom Wheatley]04/11 AB, Brussels , BR [with Ute Kanngiesser & Jim White]03/11 The Hague, Crossing Border Festival, NL  [with Ute Kanngiesser & Jim White]31/10 Les IndisciplinéEs, Lorient-Bretagne, FR [ with Lotus Edde Khouri]27.10.18 Nantes, FR Pannonica [with Tom Wheatley]26/10 Vendome, Festival Rockomotives, FR [with Tom Wheatley]25.10.18 Le Chabada, FR Angers [with Tom Wheatley]13/10 Bristol, Cube Cinema, UK [with Billy Steiger and Tom Wheatley]12/10 London, Kings Place, UK [with Ute Kanngiesser, Tom Wheatley and Billy Steiger]11/10 Milton Keynes, MK Gallery, UK [with Billy Steiger and Tom Wheatley]10/10 Leeds, Hyde Park Book Club, UK [with Billy Steiger and Tom Wheatley]09/10 Glasgow, Glad Cafe, UK [with Billy Steiger and Tom Wheatley]08/10 Ways of Listening, British School At Rome, IT      Assemble [with Ute Kanngiesser]05/10 Terlizzi, IT Matlaboratoriourbano [solo]30/09 London, Cafe Oto, UK     GUO21/09 Zurich, Gamut Festival, CH [with Ilana Blumberg, Ute Kanngiesser, Tom Wheatley and Billy Steiger]31/08 End Of The Road Festival, UK [with Billy Steiger, Tom Wheatley, Jim White]25/08 Totnes, Sea Change Festival, UK [with Billy Steiger]27/08 Cafe Oto Project Space, London, UK  [duo with Ross Lambert]09/07 London, Cafe Oto, UK [with Billy Steiger, Tom Wheatley, Terry Day, Ilana Blumberg & Kenichi Iwasa]26/06 Dresden, Beatpol, DE [solo]25/06 Munich, Ampere, DE [solo]24/06 Berlin, Acud Macht Neu, DE [with Joel Grip, Billy Steiger and Tom Wheatley]12/06 Paris, Cafe Olympic, FR [with Billy Steiger and Tom Wheatley]01/06 Cafe Oto, London, UK [with Billy Steiger and Tom Wheatley]28/05 Unplugged Monti, Rome, IT [with Billy Steiger and Tom Wheatley]25/05 Planetario, Milan, IT [with Billy Steiger and Tom Wheatley]17/05 Brighton Festival, Brighton, UK [with Billy Steiger and Tom Wheatley]04/05 Rough Trade East, London, UK [with Billy Steiger and Tom Wheatley]13/03 Cafe Oto, London, UK [with Ute Kanngiesser, Tom Wheatley and Billy Steiger]28/02 Cafe Oto, London , UK [GUO with Seymour Wright and Crystabel Riley] 03/02 Cafe Oto, London , UK [solo] 
2017:16/11 Cafe Oto, London, UK tickets [GUO]01/06 Cafe Oto, London, UK tickets [The Blumbergs & Half Japanese]
2016:09/09 Cafe Oto, London, UK tickets [Kohhei Matsuda Disaster Trio]11/06 Primavera Sound, Porto, PORTUGAL [The Howling Hex]06/06 Primavera Sound, Barcelona, SPAIN [The Howling Hex]23/05 Cafe Oto, Alan Licht & Tetuzi Akiyama, London, UK tickets [GUO] 29/01 Cafe Oto Project Space, London, UK [with Tom Wheatley]26/02 Cafe Oto Project Space, London, UK [with Tom Wheatley]18/03 Cafe Oto Project Space, London, UK [with Tom Wheatley]22/04 Cafe Oto Project Space, London, UK [with Tom Wheatley]
2015:03/10 Hundred Years Gallery, Portraits, London, [DB, Billy Steiger, Seymour Wright]25/08 Cafe Oto, London, UK tickets [DB, Tom Wheatley, Billy Steiger, Terry Day, + Seymour Wright]12/05 Jad Fair + Norman Blake, London, UK tickets [DB / Billy Steiger]04/04 CounterflowsFestival, Glasgow, UK tickets [The Howling Hex]03/04 Cafe Oto, London, UK tickets [The Howling Hex]16/02 Cafe Oto, London, UK tickets [DB / Billy Steiger]30/01 Barbican, Lambchop, London, UK tickets [DB/ Ute Kanngiesser, Billy Steiger, Seymour Wright, Tom Wheatley]
2014:21/11 Point Ephémère, Paris, FRANCE [DB / Tom Wheatley] 27/08 Cafe Oto, London, UK tickets [DB / Billy Steiger / Tom Wheatley]10/07  ATP Iceland, Ásbrú, Keflavík, ICELAND [DB / Tom Wheatley] 07/06  Primavera Sound, Porto, PORTUGAL [DB / Billy Steiger]31/05  Primavera Sound, Barcelona, SPAIN [DB / Billy Steiger / Kohhei Matsuda ]19/05  Dylan Carlson, London, UK [DB / Billy Steiger / Koichi Yamanoha]18/05  Cafe Oto, London, UK [DB /Seymour Wright]27/02  Cafe Oto, London, UK tickets [DB / Billy Steiger / Kohhei Matsuda]23/02  ATP Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra, London, UK [DB / Kohhei Matsuda / Kenichi Iwasa]