Spokesperson - Google Social Good

Internal Partnerships & External Comms Sep 2016 - Present

  • Presented on behalf of Google Social Good and Youtube for Good to over 110,000 people in 100+ countries
  • Introduced One Today and Donation Cards to an audience committed to leveraging the power of technology and information for good
  • Discussed Google Crisis Response efforts with stakeholders from various impact organizations

"I have yet to come across someone more genuinely helpful. When we were looking for teams who could help us produce follow-up mini-documentaries to “Before the Flood” he instantaneously introduced us to several filmmaking friends in that space. The foundation had brainstormed ways we could improve the vicarious gifting program - donating on someone's behalf rather than giving that person another useless sweater. Once I shared the concept with Daniel, he immediately introduced me to a friend of his who had already built precisely what we were looking for. It was largely because of Daniel that we decided to create a YouTube channel for the foundation."

- Karl Burkart, Director, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

Multi-stakeholder Manager

Nuanced Partnership Development & Negotiation Oct 2016 - Present

  • Established and maintained successful cross functional partnerships with Google Legal, PR, Policy, Health & Safety and Security.
  • Defined success metrics and incentive structures for deals valued >$100MM
  • 5-Star "Googler to Googler" course instructor

"One of his strongest qualities is that he empathizes with the situations we have to deal with on an ongoing basis and makes sure that we continue to protect Google's interest across a variety of concurrent projects. He is very humble and doesn't forget to appreciate people for the effort they put in on the project. Overall, a great cross-functional partner who is easy to work with."

-Pooja Bandekar, Google Program Manager

“From 7am motivational speeches addressing the teams of new-hires, to 2am Saturday morning shifts, Daniel got the job done.

Above all, I admired Daniel's dedication to the position and tireless effort to get neck-deep into an operation that had a huge barrier to success. I’ve never had a manager like him, and don’t expect I ever will again.”

-Eva Hua, Google Program Manager

"I had the good fortune of working on Daniel’s team. All of us admired how he leveraged his background in analytics to streamline all of our processes, squeeze out cost savings and ensure data-intensive decision-making. Daniel’s focus stayed true to the priorities of the business, but he stood out by never losing sight of the social impact of our team’s decisions - whether on the environment, the marketplace, or the people involved across our network of suppliers. And he did it all ensuring we had a diverse supplier base of women-owned and minority-owned businesses. He taught us the value of concise communication when he created an infographic of select team accomplishments which received immediate attention from executives at every level of the organization.

External partners loved him. We loved him. The most memorable moment working for Daniel came when he wasn’t even around, when all of us on the team opened up and realized we had this much in common: Daniel was the best person any of us had ever worked for."

-Lucas Lowman, Contract Specialist