Current Position:  

       VP of AI, GE Healthcare

Previous Experience:

-------------------------------------------------------- Education:

Ph.D. in Machine Learning, 

University of Washington, Seattle

Our textbook was published!

About The Textbook:

In collaboration with Professor Jimeng Sun from UIUC,  we wrote this textbook to Introduce the concepts of deep learning models in the context of healthcare to students and professionals who have interest. It took us 2 years of hard work to write it but totally worth it.

Sunstella Foundation

We founded the Sunstella Foundation, and will donate the book income to help grow students in the field of technology and engineering.


Cao (Danica) Xiao is the VP of AI at GE Healthcare.  At GE Healthcare, she is leading the AI science and AI engineering teams in developing medical imaging foundation models, large language models for patient care and operational efficiencies, as well as responsible AI in GE Healthcare’s AI transformation. Previously she has held leadership positions at multiple technology and healthcare companies, including VP of AI/ML at Relativity, Senior Director of Machine Learning of Amplitude, Global Head of Machine Learning of IQVIA, and research lead of MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab at IBM Research. She has successfully driven the creation of machine learning innovation for industry AI transformation, particularly in healthcare and medicine. Besides, she is a passionate machine learning researcher and thought leader with over 140+ highly cited papers (citation 8725, h-index 40, i10-index 82) published in leading AI/ML venues, with strong focus on the topic of AI for healthcare (EHR analysis, RWE, clinical trials, health monitoring, medical imaging, and drug discovery ). She also co-authored a textbook on deep learning for healthcare which is used in top CS graduate programs such as UIUC, GaTech, and PSU. Recently she was named by the largest Chinese internet company Baidu as “Top Chinese Young Scholars in Artificial Intelligence” in 2022 and “Top Chinese Female Scholars in Artificial Intelligence” in 2023. Danica got her Ph.D. degree in machine learning from University of Washington, Seattle in 2016.



Research Interest