Cao (Danica) Xiao

Director of Machine Learning

Analytics Center of Excellence, IQVIA


About Me

I am Director of Machine Learning in the Analytics Center of Excellence (ACOE) of IQVIA, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Before joining IQVIA, I got my Ph.D. degree from University of Washington, Seattle in 2016, and was a research staff member in AI for Healthcare of IBM Research from 2017-2019.

Google Scholar

Materials for our KDD' 18 Tutorial on "deep learning for healthcare"

KDD' 19 Tutorial on "Data Mining for drug discovery and development"

Upcoming IJCAI' 20 Tutorial on "Machine Learning for Drug Discovery"

Research Interests

My work focuses on developing machine learning and deep learning models to solve real world healthcare challenges. My primary research interest covers the following areas:

  • deep computational phenotyping (e.g., medical embedding, disease/risk prediction) from EHR

  • drug safety/off-label usage signal detection from heterogeneous real world data

  • deep learning for drug discovery and development

The results of my research have been published in leading AI conferences including NIPS, ICLR, KDD, AAAI, IJCAI, SDM, ICDM, WWW, and top health informatics journals such as Nature Scientific Reports and JAMIA. I also led a team to develop a mobile health (mHealth) app that won the national 3rd prize in the sixth IISE-CIS Mobile App Competition, and was in the team that won the PPMI Data Challenge in 2016 (