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Teaching Delphi in South Africa and need some help?

This site is here to give some tips and tricks on how to teach IT. I have learnt so much from our awesome IT teachers teaching with Pam Macmillan, assisting Marina Myburgh at the UJ Winter School and sharing ideas and problems via WhatsApp with Karen Andersen and Tanya du Toit. I learnt so much from matric marking with Wessel Jacobs, Johan Herbst, Lorna Sanders and Hannie van der Merwe. Thank you to everyone that shared their passion to inspire me!

The aim of this site is to help teachers who are the only teacher teaching IT in their school and trying to figure out, how to approach our syllabus. Hopefully this site will speed up your learning process.

We have had to adapt from Pascal to Delphi to Scratch. We had to learn OOP and SQL and then we had to change over from a three to a four question, question paper. Apparently we are in for more surprises... "Why have a mind if you can't change it?" One of my dad's favourite quotes.

The site does not contain any insider information on final papers. I am not involved in setting any finals. I have struggled through the years to do what is best for the learners and these are only my ideas and what I found worked best in my class. Please feel free to disagree, ask questions and share great ideas or suggestions.

Studying a Degree in IT in 2019

Dandel10n Books available

  • Dandel10n Delphi Book 1: This book contains grade 10 content which covers all that is needed for a typical Question 1 in final examinations. A5 in size.

  • Dandel10n Delphi Book 2: This book contains the grade 11 syllabus plus more. A5 in size. The following sections are included:


o Text files and one-dimensional arrays

o Functions and Procedures

o Database programming using the ADO table component

  • Dandel10n Delphi Book 3: This book contains the grade 12 syllabus. A5 in size. The following sections are included:

o Object orientated programming (OOP)

o Two-dimensional arrays

o Past Prelim exam and memo

o Revision exercises based on the examination guidelines

  • Dandel10n Flashcards are appropriate for grade 10 to 12 learners. It consists of 90 pages in A6 size with a wire binding containing code and rules learners can study for practical examinations. I have included a picture on the Dandel10n Delphi Books page.

  • Dandel10n DIMS Workbook (Data and Information Management and Solution Development). This book can be used from grade 10 - 12 to complete in preparation of question 4 and 5 in theory exams. It consists of different sections that can be partially completed as learners progress in their knowledge. The sections include questions about the layout of the form, algorithms (pseudocode and flowcharts), validation techniques, trace tables, loops, text files, one dimensional arrays, OOP, two dimensional arrays, data and information management (question 4) and some general questions as asked in question 5. It is A4 in size and contains a 119 pages. It is available on the ITSI store but works better as a hardcopy since the learners need to complete the activities. To order please complete the e-form on the Dandel10n Delphi Book Page

  • BrainbIT IT Theory Grade 10: This theory textbook is based on our new CAPS document that we received in 2021. A4 in size. We commit to update it as soon as we receive new information about the changes in CAPS.

  • For more information please see the Dandel10n Delphi Book Page.

  • Grade 10 - 12 Dandel10n titles are available as an eBook (See Dandel10n eBooks) through the ITSI Store.