Sept 14-15, 2023 An outstanding conference experience in Cambridge at the SECED2023 conference where I had the honour to chair a session on "Resilient steel structures and seismic design methodologies", as well with co-authors we presented the following work:

SECED 2023 Proceedings | Paper 1 | Paper 2 | Paper 3

Sept 12-14, 2023 It was a pleasure to attend Eurosteel 2023 in Amsterdam, where we have three papers on steel hybrid/composite systems, all incorporating some points related to sustainability:

All papers are available in open access at the links below:

Eurosteel 2023 | Paper 1 | Paper 2 | Paper 3

Aug 1, 2023 Delighted to have contributed to this very comprehensive paper on the behavior of unreinforced multi-leaf stone masonry walls under axial compression. The main objective of this study was to explore the propagation of cracking, ultimate load, and deformation characteristics of different typologies of three-leaf walls commonly found in historic masonry. Axial compression tests on scaled three-leaf wallettes built of limestone units and lime-based mortar, as well as experiments on constituent materials for each leaf, were carried out.  The experimental results allowed for validating non-linear numerical procedures based on two-dimensional plane strain modelling along wall thickness and a simplified micro-modelling approach, which prove to be adequate tools for detailed modelling of masonry components of similar nature.


July 11 - 15, 2023 Really enjoyed the IASS 2023 in Melbourne with some inspiring talks and engaging masterclasses. Great presence from the University of Surrey team who presented experimental and educational research, including tests on digitally fabricated hollow timber columns or bamboo elements under various environmental and mechanical actions, as well as papers on mid-to-long-term reflections on project-based learning and on the development of full-scale teaching kits. Our experimental papers on timber columns and bamboo tubes are available to download below. 

Timber columnsBamboo tubes

June 18 - July 15, 2023 I had the pleasure to co-organise and take a group 6 undergraduate students and 2 recent graduates Australia under the Turing Scheme. We visited the University of New South Wales (UNSW), the University of Wollongong (UOW), and Swinburne University of Technology (SUT). At UNSW they visited the Materials, Geotechnics, Heavy Structures, and Water Research labs, attended workshops on Structures research, campus tours, and student-led activities through UNSW CEVSOC. At UOW the visits included the Makerspace, Smart Infrastructure Labs, and Sustainable Building Research Centre, as well as workshops on waste minimization and digital manufacturing with recycled plastics. The SUT activities included visits to the Digital Construction and ProtoLab, workshops on computational design and 3D printing, as well as campus tours, and engagement with SUT students. Two site visits were arranged during the Visiting School. These were the Sydney Central Metro Station hosted by ICE NSW and MCE-AUS, and the Curvecrete factory in Melbourne, hosted by the company's CEO. There were a number of social activities, such as an Architectural tour of the Sydney Opera House, and hiking trips during weekends in New South Wales and Victoria.

A really outstanding experience for everyone! Huge thanks to the hosts!

Turing scheme

June 9, 2023 Delighted to share our recently published paper on 'Sustainability and climate resilience metrics and trade-offs in transport infrastructure asset recovery' in Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment. In this paper we delve into critical aspects of sustainability, greenhouse gas emissions, climate resilience, and costs, including an application for a bridge, where normalized metrics are integrated into one unique index, considering climate projections and sustainable solutions for recovery after floods. 

Open access |

May 18-19, 2023 Honoured to have been invited to deliver a keynote at the annual AICPS National Conference in Romania, organised by the Structural Engineers Association of Romania, along with such an outstanding lineup. It was a pleasure to come back to Timisoara after more than a decade in this context, where I had my very first research presentation during my PhD (cca 2010). My keynote was on assessment and strengthening of heritage masonry, a followup of two projects that I have been involved in the past years.

A review of the conference in Romanian is available online:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen></iframe>

31AICPS website | AICPS website

Apr 27-31, 2023 Earlier this year I had the opportunity to visit USP - Universidade de São Paulo and deliver a short course on 'analysis and design of non-codified hybrid and composite building systems' as well as a lecture on nonlinear modelling to the Structural Engineering PhD and MSc cohort at EESC-USP / Escola de Engenharia de São Carlos.

Thanks Prof R Carrazedo for hosting, and CAPES - Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior for funding.

Really enjoyed the teaching, lab visits and learning about the research carried out at the institution. 


May 09, 2023 Pleased to have contributed to this book on "Design of Hybrid Structures" published by Routledge Taylor & Francis Group CRC Press. Our contribution on "Connections of reinforced concrete beams or flat slabs to steel columns using shear keys" is available now to download. This contribution presents a unified design procedure for hybrid connections provided with steel shear keys that are welded to the column and fully integrated into concrete floors. The procedure, based on the fundamentals of European design provisions, includes design expressions and worked examples for assessing the bending and shear resistances of various regions of connections to beams, as well as for determining the flexural and punching shear capacities of hybrid flat-slab configurations. Detailed requirements and other recommendations for each specific region of the connection are included.

Link to the contribution | DOI full book

Feb 23-24, 2023 Great two days at the Institution of Structural Engineers headquarters for the first 2023 meeting of the Council, proudly representing the South Eastern Region. Extremely useful discussions and workshops on mentorship, humanitarian aid and the wider role of the Instituion.

Details about the Council

Feb 17, 2023 Delighted to share our recently published paper on the inelastic cyclic response of steel reduced beam section connections with very large sections, a follow-up of a wider international research project on prequalified beam-to-column connections. The paper describes briefly two sets of experiments, then used for the validation of nonlinear modelling procedures.

Parametric studies combined with analytical assessments including ultra low cycle fatigue and local buckling evaluations, point to the need in jumbo sections with thick flanges, a deeper RBS cut than currently specified in design, to about 66% of the total beam width. .

Open access published version

Feb 8, 2023 A great day in Athens the kick-off meeting of the EU collaborative project "Climate-aware Resilience for Sustainable Critical and interdependent Infrastructure Systems enhanced by emerging Digital Technologies ". ReCharged is a transformative project that has the vision to develop a new integrated framework toward a practical visualisation platform in order to optimise and streamline climate resilience and whole-life carbon emission assessments for interdependent Transport and Energy Systems, Lifelines and Assets (iTESLA).  I look forward to contributing to the success of this project with work on sustainability metrics and circularity in infrastructure.

More details here 

Jan 23, 2023 This study presents an experimental assessment into the monotonic and cyclic compressive stress-strain rate-dependent response of rubberised one-part alkali-activated concrete.  Analytical expressions to predict the reduction in elastic modulus, compressive strength, axial crushing strain, unloading modulus and plastic residual strain, with varying rubber contents and for the different strain rates considered, are proposed. Constitutive models representing the monotonic stress-strain response of rubberised alkali-activated concrete materials, as well as the unloading and reloading branches of the cyclic stress-strain response, are also given. Finally, formulations for the strain rate-dependent dynamic increase factors for the elastic modulus, compressive strength, and axial crushing strain are also provided.

Open access published version

Jan 11, 2023 Delighted to have been involved in this recently published research on the dynamic characterization of the Fatima Khatun mausoleum from Historic Cairo. The main aim of this paper was to undertake dynamic investigation tests for the dome dating back to the 13th century and consisting of mainly bricks and stones. The challenge was that the structure was difficult to access, and only a small portion of the top was accessible for the attachment of accelerometers. The approach proposed in this study informs and directs structural restoration for the mausoleum and can be used for other heritage structures located in congested historic sites.

Open access published version

Feb 2, 2023 We'll be speaking about an ongoing research project on heritage structures from Old Cairo at the SECED evening seminar on 22/02/2023 6:00 pm at the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Headquarters

 My presentation will be on experimental testing, nonlinear modelling, moisture in historic masonry materials, textile-reinforced mortar overlays, drift capacities and other interrelated points.

Registration and full details

Dec 28, 2022 Our numerical-experimental work on prestressed concrete wide beams was published in Journal of Building Engineering. The paper includes a set of large scale tests,  nonlinear numerical modelling using advanced and simplified models, as well as modified design expresions for improved assessments.

Open access published version

Oct 21, 2022 Our paper on the experimental cyclic response of steel tubes filled with conventional and rubberised concrete has been recently published in JCSR. The paper looks at the stiffness, capacity, ductility, energy dissipation, and failure mechanisms of concrete-filled steel tube members. Analytical treatments are then used to suggest simplified relationships for predicting the stiffness, moment-axial strength interaction, plastic hinge length, and local ductility criteria. The proposed expressions offer the basis for developing practical assessment and design methods.

Open access published version

Oct 12, 2022 Delighted to share our recent paper on low-carbon mortars with strengths up to 75 MPa. In addition to the parametric material study (slag/fly ash/waste glass powder), a multi-criteria assessment using four key parameters of equal weighting as a measure of workability, mechanical strength, durability, and environmental impact, was carried out. Such assessments may be necessary to evaluate the performance of non-standard materials.

All versions | Published version

Sep 22, 2022 Our paper on steel tubes infilled with normal and rubbersied concrete under combined loading was published in Open Access in Thin-Walled Structures. The paper is an experimental-numerical-analytical work. Ayse carried out a number of tests and nonlinear simulations of rubberised concrete-filled steel tubes under various axial-bending conditions. The parametric simulations include specific constitutive material models and damage definitions for confined rubberised concrete and associated modelling techniques. The paper also appraises current design procedures and proposes modifications for improved capacity predictions over a wide range of loading conditions and materials.

Open access published version |

Sep 18, 2022 Our paper on experiments and constitutive modelling of fly ash-slag normal and rubberised alkali-activated concrete (AAC) was published in open access in Construction and Building Materials. Mohamed did an extensive material optimisation study, stress-strain compression tests and proposed a constitutive model that was validated against the tests available in this paper and those in the literature.

A well detailed paper, useful to anyone interested in low-carbon concrete. AAC has up to 80% less embodied carbon compared to conventional concrete.

Open access published version |

Sep 5-9, 2022 Delighted to have presented a couple of papers at the Third European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (3ECEES) in September in Bucharest. The first paper was on the ultimate cyclic response of steel reduced beam section (RBS) connections, whilst the second was on numerical modelling of the cyclic behaviour of clay brick and lime mortar masonry elements. 

Full proceedings on 3ECEES website | RBS paper | masonry paper

Sep 5-7, 2022 Mohamed presented his work on the mechanical properties and stress-strain response of rubberised one-part alkali-activated concrete (AAC) at the 14th fib PhD Symposium in Rome. The paper investigates the effect of crumb rubber replacement of natural aggregates on the mechanical properties and stress-strain response, both monotonic and cyclic, of rubberised one-part AAC. Some very interesting results with regard to cyclic response, energy dissipation, and ductility of the material. 

Full proceedings on fib website | The paper on researchgate

Aug 25, 2022 Our paper on the "Seismic Performance of Heritage Clay Brick and Lime Mortar Masonry Structures" which will be presented as a  Theme Lecture by Prof Elghazouli at the Third European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology in September in Bucharest, is now available on the publisher's website. The paper summarizes recent investigations into the structural and material response of ambient-dry and wet clay-brick and lime-mortar masonry elements, with a focus on those used in heritage structures in Historic Cairo. Simple and cost-effective strengthening techniques, using textile-reinforced mortars, for enhancing the lateral performance of low-strength heritage masonry elements, are also considered in the study. 

Paper DOI | Conference website

Aug 1, 2022 As of today I have been promoted to Senior Lecturer in Civil and Structural Engineering. The 2 1/2 years at Surrey were challenging (mostly due to a global pandemic and the necessary shift in the ways we work, teach, communicate, collaborate, etc.), but also extremely rewarding, in all aspects of academic life from teaching, research collaborations and management/admin work. I look forward to future challenges and to continue growing my career here. For any research collaborations, PhD and/or postdoc fellowship applications get in touch at the link below.

Surrey Staff page

Jul 30, 2022 Our most recent paper on nonlinear modelling of historic masonry is available in open access form in Engineering Structures. This is quite an interesting and useful work as it covers (i) numerical validation using block-based modelling and incorporates damage-plasticity and surface-based cohesive-contact interface approaches, (ii) extensive parametric investigations on a wide range of material, geometry and loading parameters, and possibly most importantly (iii) assessment and validation of the new generation of Eurocode 8 procedures for unreinforced historic masonry.

Open access published version |

Jun 27, 2022 Our review paper on one part alkali activated systems was recently published in open access in the Journal of Building Engineering. The review, which covers over 170 studies, first discusses the different precursors, solid activators, admixtures, and aggregates used within such materials. Preparation techniques of one-part alkali-activated materials are then addressed, including pre-mixing treatment, mixing and curing, and 3D-printing.

Open access published version |

June 07, 2022 Glad to see that our paper 'Eco-efficient cementitious composites with large amounts of waste glass and plastic' was included in the 'Advances in sustainable concrete' issue in Engineering Sustainability which is free to download as per courtesy of ICE Publishing. 

Paper DOI | Link to the issue

May 27, 2022  Delighted to have presented some of my recent nonlinear modelling work on the cyclic performance of steel reduced beam section connections at STESSA 2022 "The 10th International Conference on the Behaviour of Steel Structures in Seismic Areas" Timisoara, Romania, 25-27 May 2022

Paper DOI | Conference website | Proceedings

Jan 27, 2022  I am hosting the 4th South Eastern SOS group meeting online today 27 Jan at 6pm to discuss Part-Z and the regulation of the embodied carbon in the construction industry. Join us and bring your sustainability questions and knowledge. Drop me a message if you would like to join us today, or other future discussions/meetings.

Part-Z | IStructE SOS 

Nov 08, 2021  Delighted to share Mohammed's first paper at Imperial recently published in Construction and Building Materials. This is an excellent review of rubberised geopolymer concrete (RuG) with a focus on mechanical properties. It also includes preparation, curing, durability features, fresh, physical and insulation properties. Comparative quantitative assessments and prediction relationships were presented where relevant, and future research directions are presented.

50 days free access | Published version | All versions

Nov 05, 2021  Very happy to have this paper published on the behaviour and design of hybrid steel columns to RC beams connections. A final effort to get Moustafa's extensive numerical simulations from his PhD in a paper format. The numerical results enabled an in-depth understanding of the main mechanisms governing the ultimate response which can occur in shear, flexure, crushing of a direct strut at the steel-to-concrete interface, or yielding of the shear-key at the column face.  We've used his numerical results and observations from past tests to develop procedures and expressions for the design of critical regions and of the shear-key. The suggested design expressions are shown to provide reliable predictions across a wide range of shear-key length-to-depth ratios, thus offering a simple method suitable for the application of hybrid connections with shear-keys in design practice.

50 days free access | Published version | All versions

Oct 14, 2021  A great achievement by Ahmed, recieving the Best UG Student Paper Prize for 2021 by the IStructE Surrey. His work on "Evaluation of Sustainable Geopolymer Materials" is at the basis of our recently published paper in Open Access form in Infrastructures.  

In the published paper mixes incorporating ground granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBS), fly ash (FA) and microsilica (MS) and sodium metasilicate anhydrous, were assessed in terms of workability, mechanical properties and embodied carbon. The best performing GCM was then used as a reference for rubberised geopolymer mixes (RuGM) in which the mineral aggregates were replaced by recycled rubber particles in proportions up to 30% by volume. Experimental results were combined with embodied carbon estimations in a multi-criteria assessment to evaluate the performance of each material. Finally, a strength degradation model was validated against the tests from this paper and literature to estimate the compressive strength of RuGM, providing reliable predictions over a wide range of rubber contents

Open access | PDF version | 

Oct 04, 2021  We are looking for applications from talented and enthusiastic candidates that have a keen interest in numerical modelling and experimental testing, as well as awareness of wider sustainability standards in construction. Home fees and stipend covered, but applications from outstanding international students are encouraged, yet they need to demonstrate exceptional research readiness.

University website | | FindaPhD

Oct 01, 2021  Our paper on the in-plane response of ambient-dry and wet clay-brick/lime-mortar masonry walls under lateral cyclic loading and co-existing compressive gravity load, was included in the 17WCEE proceedings. Digonal panel tests under monotonic loading and large scale walls under cyclic loading showed that that moisture has a detrimental effect on the main material properties, including the diagonal tension and compression strengths as well as brick-mortar interaction parameters. For the large-scale walls, the wet-to-dry reduction was found to between 8-11% for the lateral strength and around 10% in terms of ductility. The response of diagonal walls was relatively brittle with a reduction between wet-to-dry strengths of around 33%, suggesting that the reduction ratio is dependent on the compression stress level. 

Conference website | Paper available on request

Sep 02, 2021  Delighted to share a recently published paper on the electrical, thermal and mechanical properties as well as the environmental performance of polymer cementitious composites (PCCs) as sustainable coating materials for underground power cables and as high-voltage insulators. A material-intensive paper looking at mix optimisation, microstructure, thermogravimetric and FTIR analyses. 

Open access | PDF version | 

Sep 1, 2021  A couple of papers presented by my collaborators at Eurosteel 2020/21. The first paper focused on the structural behaviour of rubberised concrete-filled steel tubular (RuCFST) members under a wide range of axial-bending loading conditions, whilst the second on the performance of RBS beam-to-column connections (only as a presentation).

Conference webpage | RuCFST paper |

Aug 20, 2021  Just a few days to the virtual IASS 2020/21 conference on Spatial Structures. Thankful for being invited for being part of the Organising Committee and to have contributed to the virtual delivery of the event. I am also co-chairing a plenary session, and three parallel sessions on conceptual design and bridge structures. Really looking forward to the event!

IASS2020/21 webpage | Session, topics and programme | Organisation

Aug 09, 2021  Our paper focusing on the response of heritage masonry components (lime mortars and fired clay bricks) under dry-wet cycles has been recently published in Construction and Building Materials. In addition to the material tests under various conditioning, we proposed calibration factors for available strength assessment models.

50 days free access | Published version | All versions

July 21, 2021  Beyond delighted to share our last paper in BEE on the lateral cyclic behaviour of lime-mortar and clay-brick masonry walls in dry and wet conditions, part of a wider research project on heritage structures in Old Cairo.

Published version | All versions

May 20, 2021  Happy to share the first paper in collaboration with colleagues from Universidad de la Costa, Colombia, on environmental asessements of recycled aggregate concrete published in Geoscience Frontiers.

We looked at the influence of natural-to-recycled aggregate ratio, replacement of cement by SCMs, transport distances, and others, on the environmental impact (GWP) of recycled aggregate concrete with strengths suitable for structural applications.

Published version | All versions

Mar 25, 2021  Very grateful for the support received from Research England through the World Class Laboratories grant. My equipment proposal for an High energy drop weight impact tester was awarded about £190k. The new equipment aims at expanding the testing capabilities of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Engineering Sciences in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, to cover drop weight impact testing of sustainable materials and components, non-existent to date. This a first real success in my new role as CEE Structures and Materials Lab academic lead. 

Mar 13, 2021  Delighted to share a new paper that looks at structural applications for rubberised concrete and its performance when confined by tubular steel sections under combined loading. The paper is avaialable in open access from in Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering.  

Published version | All versions

Feb 23, 2021 Really excited to share this paper on cementitious composites with large amounts of waste glass and plastic, in collaborations with colleagues from my Alma Mater, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. Here we looked at replacing all mineral aggregates by waste glass and plastic. The paper is avaialable ahead of print in Proceedings of ICE - Engineering Sustainability.  A real good start for sustainable materials in 2021!

Published version | All versions

Feb 10, 2021  I am delivering a short presentation on the response and design of steel column-to-RC floor connections for our monthly 'Civil and Environmental Engineering' seminars at the University of Surrey.

Wednesday 10 Feb 11:30am (UK time) Click here to access the Zoom link 

Full details on the event and abstract are available on the Unviersty website (click here)

 Jan 8, 2021 Delighted to share our recently published paper in Construction and Building Materials. It contains focused tests on mortars with recycled plastics, and new constitutive expressions for modelling compression and tension response of such materials. The later have been validated on database collated from the literature and offer tools for nonlinear modelling of components incorporating such materials.

50 days free access | Published version | All versions

Nov 20, 2020  Delighted to share this short timelapse video with a  pilot test on a relatively short cold-formed steel - timber flooring system, part of a MSc project at the University of Surrey. The beam includes 2 x C 254 sections and an 18 mm plywood board. As shown in the video, failure occurs due to buckling below the load application point. More details to follow.

 Sep 17, 2020  This date sets the first material test son Alkali Activated Materials  (AAM) incorporating multiple binders  at the University of Surrey, in collaboration with colleagues from Technical Unversity of Cluj Napoca and Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University. Particular focus is given to exploitation of ground waste glass in such materials. Delighted to share the first results showing compressive strengths above 50 MPa, above those obtained on corresponding mortars with the same amount of cement as the only binder. Not only that the multi-binder AAMs have enhanced strengths compared to conventional cement mortars, but the associated carbon emissions are significantly lower. 

 Sep 2, 2020 Delighted to share our recently published paper in Construction and Building Materials. In this focused study we looked at the shear response of dry and wet masonry triplets as well as strengthening with fibre reinforced polymer laminates and glass fibre meshes. We also undertook nonlinear numerical validation studies to determine main interface properties

50 days free access | Published version | All versions

Aug 22, 2020  Yesterday's final test from a series in which we looked at the influence of moisture to the strength and deformation of heritage masonry - all properties are reduced by moisture including the capacity and ultimate deformation under cyclic loading - really interesting results. 

This is part of the AHRC/UKRI collaborative project entitled "Interdisciplinary approach for the management and conservation of UNESCO World Heritage Site of Historic Cairo. Application to Al-Ashraf Street." coordinated by Prof A Elghazouli and Prof S Mourad from Imperial College London and University of Cairo, respectively.

Full details below:

 May 26, 2020 Delighted to share our recently published paper in Materials and Structures in Open Access form. In this focused study we looked at the compression response of clay brick - lime mortar elements typically used for conservation of heritage masonry. We've seen that the elastic properties and strength are significantly influenced by moisture and this seems to be a coupled elastic-plastic fluid-saturated porous material problem. 

Open access link | Article page

 Apr 24, 2020 Delighted to share our new paper published in Construction and Building Materials on cyclic constitutive response of concrete incorporating recycled tyre particles. With the aim of using such concrete in expected plastic hinge zones of flexural members or in compression members with external confinement, we looked at the ductility, energy dissipation, and inelastic degradation of such materials. These were tested at strain rate levels simulating static, moderate, and severe seismic action.  

Published version | Accepted version  | All versions

 Mar 27, 2020 Our paper on the shear performance of ultra-high-performance steel fibre-reinforced concrete (UHPSFRC) elements has been recently published in open access form 

Open access link | Article page

Besides tests on (UHPSFRC) beams subjected to loads at relatively low shear span-to-depth ratios, detailed nonlinear numerical validations and sensitivity studies were also carried out to obtain further insights into the response of such members. Additional design expressions, validated against the numerical and test results from this paper as well as a collated database from the literature, were also proposed. 

 Mar 17, 2020 Our paper on nonlinear modelling of RC flat slabs with and without shear-heads is finally available online in open access from. 

Open access link | Article page | Preprint | All versions

The paper covers detailed three-dimensional nonlinear numerical simulations and parametric assessments using concrete damage plasticity models. Validations are carried out against experimental results from three test series, and the results are used to develop analytical models for predicting the rotational response as well as the ultimate strength of such slab systems 

Jan 27, 2020 After more than half decade as a Research Associate at Imperial College London in Structural Engineering where I've been involved in very interesting research projects, I am moving forward into my first academic post as a Lecturer in Civil and Structural Engineering at  the University of Surrey. Excited about the change and really looking forward to it!!

Mar 20, 2020 The course focuses on the fundamentals of codified seismic design, design principles, and analysis as well as practical modeling of seismic loading. A particular focus is given to the design and detailing of reinforced concrete buildings in the context of the  European design procedures which are presented together with a design example using StruSoft FEM-Design tools.  Full details here

Dec 20, 2019 I am gratified to have achieved the Chartered Engineer status & being elected a Member of The Institution of Structural Engineers! Earlier this month, I was asked to answer some questions regarding my work & interaction with the Institution. Honoured to see my career profile online: 'Dan Bompa MIStructE'.

Dec 16, 2019 Bowen's final paper from his PhD has been published in Engineering Structures. Our paper deals with numerical modelling of conventional and rubberised reinforced concrete members. It includes a set of parametric studies, analytical assessments and proposes design expressions for such members.

Published version | Accepted version  | All versions

Dec 3, 2019 Delighted and slightly surprised to see that our paper from 2018 is the most downloaded paywalled paper in Engineering Structures.  Happy to see that our work was well received by the readers of the journal!

Nov 25, 2019 Our new research paper on the response FRP confined high strength and rubberised concrete is available in Construction and Building Materials. Besides experiments and a database analysis (>350 tests), novel design expressions for the stress–strain response are reported.

Published version | Accepted version  | All versions

Oct 09, 2019 Delighted to let you know that the experimental work along with a novel constitutive model for axial-bending interaction employing a variable confinement approach has been published in Magazine of Concrete Research  

Published version | Accepted version  | All versions

Sep 9, 2019 Time flew by so quickly at the SECED Conference! Excellent presentations and inspiring content, particularly the keynote lectures and the papers from 'seismic design & analysis of steel structures' sessions, which I attended and where I presented recent work on "Seismic behaviour and design of steel reduced beam section connections"

Download the paper from ResearchGate or SECED website

Sep 4, 2019 I have attended and presented a paper at ACIC 2019 (Advanced Composites in Construction). It was indeed an excellent conference  where I have seen high-quality and comprehensive presentations on a wide range of practical applications and research studies.

Paper available on request via ResearchGate

Sep 2, 2019 Committee members of @IStructELDNYMG, we accepted the @IMechE_GLRYM challenge and won The Young Trophy, their annual Engineering Sports Day! It started in 1933 when a team from @IMechE & @ICE_engineers challenged Inst of Electric and Electronic Engrs (@TheIET ) at various sports. Excellent day & thanks for organising!

Jun 26, 2019 Very exciting to be involved into a research project looking at an interdisciplinary approach for the management and conservation of UNESCO World Heritage Site of Old Cairo! First site visit was extremely interesting and useful to understand the challenges associated with strengthening the structures from Al-Ashraf Street.

Jun 24, 2019 Good to be in Crete at COMPDYN conference where I have presented a paper on non-linear numerical simulations on large steel RBS beam to column connections, and had the last Equaljoints+ project meeting.

Our COMPDYN paper on 'Experimental and numerical simulations on RBS connections incorporating large sections' is available for download on the Proceedings website

Jun 12, 2019 A great surprise and acknowledgement of our work on reinforcement couplers that has received the receiving Structures Best Research Paper Prize for 2019.  

Published version:  Monotonic and cyclic performance of threaded reinforcement splices

Jun 4, 2019  I am involved in a small project in which we are planning to find applications for non-recyclable materials. This is a short video in wich we test a ~100 MPa plastic mesh which typically ends up in landfill or is incinerated for energy recovery (high CO2 emitter). One step forward to find environmentally friendly end-of-life applications to reach the #plasticfree goals. 

Mar 14, 2018 Our recently published technical note on the creep response and long-term strength properties of unconfined and FRP-confined recycled tyre rubber concrete as well as of high-strength concrete, is available in Construction and Building Materials.

Published version | Accepted version  | All versions

Feb 26, 2019 I had the pleasure to contribute with a presentation and to organise a workshop on 'Standardised Steel Connections for Seismic Resistant Steel Structures' on Wed 27 March at The Institution of Structural Engineers HQ in London.

Supported by: SECED and IStructE LYMG

Researchgate Equaljoints+ Project Page and Youtube channel

Dec 30, 2018 Delighted to share the latest paper on the stress-strain response of steel reinforcement and rebars incorporating threaded mechanical couplers under ambient and elevated temperature conditions, published in Fire Safety Journal .Happy New Year everyone!

Published version | Accepted version  | All versions

Dec 6, 2018  Delighted to share our recent paper from Engineering Structures on seismic response of reinforced concrete members incorporating threaded reinforcement couplers located within the expected plastic hinge region: large scale cyclic tests, analysis, design and detailing recommendations.

Published version | Accepted version  | All versions

Nov 15, 2018  Our new research paper looking at the monotonic and cyclic performance of threaded reinforcement couplers for application in ductile reinforced concrete members is available in Structures

Published version | Accepted version  | All versions

Jun 20, 2018 Presenting this afternoon the 2nd paper at 16ECEE  in Thessaloniki on cyclic response of rubberised reinforced concrete columns

Apr 8, 2018  Our paper that investigated the inelastic cyclic performance of highly deformable #oncrete columns incorporating rubberised concrete with rubber from recycled tyres and FRP confinement has been published in Engineering Structures 

Published version | Accepted version  | All versions

Nov 8, 2017 Bowen's first paper on the the direct shear response of rubberised concrete materials has been published in Construction and Building Materials

Published version | Accepted version  | All versions

Nov 2, 2017 Brief paper on 'Ductility considerations for rebar couplers' available in the Nov issue of 

Published version | Accepted version  | All versions

Sep 15, 2017 About to present some of my work on Response and Design of Shear heads in Hybrid flat slabs at Eurosteel 2017 in Copenhagen!

Aug 11, 2017 A new paper available in Construction and Building Materials on the interface response between steel rebars and rubberised concrete

Published version | Accepted version  | All versions

Jun 15, 2017  On my way to London I stopped in Bruxelles for a few  very insightful sessions at the Forum and Expo DDR 2017 organised by The European Demolition Association.

'Recycled aggregates may replace up to 100% of the conventional aggregates for structural concrete' yet clear framework is lacking' #ddr2017

Jun 12, 2017 In Maastricht to present two research papers on Innovative building concepts and Punching Shear at the fibSymposium on High Tech Concrete

1) Inelastic Behaviour of RC Members Incorporating High Deformability Concrete

2) Punching Shear Strength of RC Flat Slabs Provided with Shear-Heads at Interior Connections to Steel Columns

Apr 08, 2017 We've published in Engineering Structures a new paper on nonlinear numerical modelling of hybrid and reinforced concrete flat slabs with and without shearheads. 

Published version | Accepted version  | All versions

Feb 07, 2017 Extremely happy to have our first paper on the response of rubberised concrete materials published in Construction and Building Materials

Published version | Accepted version  | All versions

Jan 05, 2017 Moustafa has published his first paper from his PhD on hybrid steel concrete structural assemblages in Journal of Constructional Steel Research

Published version | Accepted version  | All versions

Oct 13, 2016 We have been invited to present at the Belgian Concrete Days 2016 in Bruxelles the results of our work on Hybrid Steel-Concrete structural systems 

Sep 3, 2016 Our team receives IStructE Research Award for the project 'Seismic Performance and Application of Mechanical Splices in Dissipative RC Structures'

Mar 21, 2016 My second paper in Engineering Structures on hybrid steel/concrete flat slabs has just been published!

Published version | Accepted version  | All versions