EMP Response & Planning

Dana Engineering, Inc. provides the following infrastructure assessments to provide the data needed for advanced critical emergency preparation and planning to respond to an EMP attack.

Professional Engineers and Inspectors will assess the critical infrastructure elements to determine to what extent they can be restored after an EMP attack, including:

    • Electrical Infrastructure
    • Community water supply
    • Community sewage treatment
    • Natural gas & other fuel resources
    • Agriculture and food production
    • Transportation
    • Communications
    • Medical

Subject Matter Experts review and provide assessments that identify mission critical components and mitigation strategies for critical infrastructure including:

    • Electrical Distribution Substation and Generating Plants
    • Water treatment plants and pumping stations
    • Sewage treatment plants and pumping stations
    • Natural gas lines and pumping stations
    • Communication networks
    • SCADA systems and other computer control systems and databases
    • Emergency equipment

A final report is prepared with mitigating strategies for protecting against and responding to an EMP attack to assure maximum survival and continuity of service essential for :

    • Maintaining the public trust and central authority
    • Preserving civil order
    • Protecting business interests
    • Assuring personal safety and security

The report includes:

    • Recommendations for a strategy to protect resources and critical functions
    • Identification of priority actions to maximize survival
    • Specific actions to be taken:

§ Before the emergency

§ In the near-term immediately after the event

§ In the long-term to reach sustainability

Dana Engineering services include meeting with management and emergency planning staff to discuss the results of the assessment and identify action plans and critical requirements. We are here to help you prepare you, your business, and your community by taking the first steps to mitigate the disastrous effects of an EMP attack. Please contact Dana Engineering, Inc. today.