Welcome to dalorian-CEO

hello and welcome. feel free to look around and chat with us!

Hey there, and welcome. We here at Dalorian-CEO have so much to offer you in terms of games to play and even ways to get the leg up on the competitors.

I know that all of us at one time or another has played the Old School Runesape. Well now we are bringing that nostalgia back! Come join us in a zenyte base version 179 of Runescape!!

Been a fan of MineCraft for years and just want to play along with tons of other players from across the world then make sure you check out our minecraft servers that we have and be sure to suggest new ones!

Come fly away in space as we take on the EvE-Verse. Fight, Mine, and Rat alongside our alliance and coalition!

All decisions are made side-by-side

Come chat with us @ Discord or email