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Care Green, is a full-service Dallas landscaping company that provides residential landscaping and commercial landscaping services to homeowners and commercial property owners throughout the DFW area.

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Care Green is a full-service Dallas landscaping company that focuses on our clients satisfaction.

We are a family owned and operated business that has been serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area for more than 25 years. We specialize in tree trimming, stump removal, fertilizer, general lawn services. Let us do the hard work while you sit back and relax.

We service Sunnyvale, Mesquite, Rockwall & the Dallas area. Our landscaping specialists are ready to work with you. Feel free to call us for any of your lawn and tree care needs. We offer free estimates any day of the week!

Full Service Lawn, Landscaping & Design Specialists

Care Green llc, is a full service dallas landscaping company that provides residential landscaping and commercial landscaping services to homeowners and commercial property owners throughout the DFW area.

We have been providing excellent service since 1995 to homeowners and property owners. We offer a wide spectrum of landscaping services, such as mowing, tree removal, and weed control treatments and applications, pest control, sod grass installation and so much more. Request a quote or call us today at 214-543-2042 to get your Dallas lawn care service and landscaping projects started.

Local, Reliable, and Experienced Dallas Lawn Mowing Services

Save time and make your property look stunning from January to December with weekly lawn cutting services. Our lawn mowing professionals manicure your turf to the perfect height. In addition to weekly lawn mowing services, our professionals offer bi weekly, 1-time lawn cutting.

Going on vacation for a few weeks and need someone to ensure the lawn get mowed? We got you covered. Get in touch by calling today 214-543-2042 or request a quote for mowing today.

Care Green- Call Us Now At - 214-543-2042

Hire Our Professional Dallas Landscapers Today

Our team is comprised of experiences, professional, and dedicated Dallas landscape designers and installers, and lawn care/maintenance technicians who thoroughly enjoy their jobs. You can see their passion at work with the quality of the finished product.

Whether you need a green, weed free lawn, expertly designed lush landscaping, or a complete tree removal project. Our lawn care and landscaping professionals will get your lawn in amazing shape with a variety of services including commercial landscaping, pest control, weed control, tree removal, sod installation, and more. Call today 214-543-2042 or request a quote for mowing today.

Dallas Landscapers - 214-543-2042

Expert Sod Installers in Dallas, Tx

Your lawn takes up the majority of the visual space within a landscape and outdoor space. The overall condition of your turf will set the tone for your property’s curb appeal and first impression given off to visitors and passersby. Sod provides the quickest solution to having the greenest and thickest lawn on the block. Regardless of the size of your project, our sod professionals can take on any size job, big or small. Our Dallas sod installation professionals have refined the process of any sod project from start to finish to give your new lawn its highest chance of success. Request a quote or call today 214-543-2042 to schedule a sod installation project or delivery in Dallas, Tx.

We Will Make Your Lawn Bug Free!

Our team can determine the scope of your problem, provide straightforward recommendations on how to best deal with it, and then get to work treating pests and ensuring they don’t come back. With us, you no longer have to struggle with treatments that don’t work, or worry about the health threat that insects and other critters pose.

Once you’ve contacted Care Green a dallas landscaping company, you’ll no longer have to share your lawn with those annoying insects. Spiders, mosquitos, and all the other bugs will be gone immediately!

Get Greener & Healthier Lawns Free Of Weeds!

You want a thick, healthy lawn, free from weeds. So when you see dandelion, clover or crabgrass popping up, you want to treat them immediately. The trouble is, there’s no one lawn weed control solution for all kinds of weeds. You first need to understand the weed types in your lawn, as well as their growing season and lifespan, in order to effectively treat them.

If that sounds like something you’ve ever wanted, then you’ve come to the right place. At Care Green, we’ve been helping many homeowners in Dallas, Tx, keeping their lawn green and healthy all year long.

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