I am an Assistant Professor at the Department for Technology and Operations Management at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.

My research centers around how firms manage information on online platforms and markets. I study this question in the context of media markets such as the e-book market and online news. I use both economic modelling and empirical techniques such as machine learning and text mining.

I am also interested in using data from sports-competitions (e.g. swimming, chess) to study questions relevant to management.

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Academic Publications

Working Papers

Media Coverage and Non-Academic Publications

  • Cognitive Performance in the Home Office:

"Hjemme godt, ude bedst" in Weekendavisen (Denmark)

"Thuiswerk blijkt minder geschikt voor mentaal zware taken" in de Volkskrant (Netherlands)

"For Productivity And Career Growth The Office Is Best: Here’s Why According To Science" in Forbes

"Cognitive performance in the home office—What professional chess can tell us" in IZA World of Labor

  • Life Cycle Patterns of Cognitive Performance over the Long Run:

"The Queen’s Gambit” is right: young chess stars always usurp the old" in The Economist