Dallastown HS

Girls Soccer

Welcome to the 2024 Soccer Season

Meet Coach White, 

Varsity Girls Soccer Coach

We are excited to introduce you to Dallastown's Varsity Girls Soccer Coach.  Coach White will be working with the middle school girls soccer team this spring and in a few short months training will begin for our High School girls soccer team.

Here is a welcome from Coach White:

Thank you for your interest in the Dallastown Soccer Program. As a Dallastown graduate and former Dallastown soccer player, our program is something I’m very passionate about. I’ve been fortunate enough to get various playing and coaching experiences throughout my career, coaching at both the youth and high school levels. Currently, I am an Academic Intervention Specialist at Leaders Heights and Dallastown Elementary. When I’m not on the soccer field, you can find me with my very active daughter and husband! My family and I are looking forward to being part of the Dallastown Soccer Community. 

Schedule is frequently updated, please review for game and practice times and locations.  Coach Morgan's emails/remind updates are most current and accurate.  This schedule will be updated based on Coach Morgan's communications.

Congratulations on Repeat Division Champions

The Dallastown Girls soccer Team celebrated 400 wins!

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We have two facebook accounts.  One is our public site and the other is a private group for soccer player families.  

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Coaching Staff:

(email addresses linked)

  Morgan White, Head Varsity Coach

Matt Dunn, Junior High Head Coach & Assistant High School Coach

Melanie Farabaugh, Goalie Coach

Lisa Stokes, Assistant Coach

Skylar Wilkes, Assistant Coach

Booster Club Officers:

(booster email address linked)

Amy Curran, President

Ashley Donnelly, Vice President

Jenny Rohrbaugh, Secretary

 Carol Alex, Treasurer

Jeanette Leiphart, Fundraising Coordinator

Robyn Lehman, Senior Parent Liaison

See our Committee page for all events, contacts, and details!