About Debate

What is High School Debate?

What are the Perks of Being in Debate?

High School Debate is a nationally recognized association. ICDA Debate is the Illinois Congressional Debate Association. This is the organization that sets up all of our tournaments and gives more structure to high school debate. Congressional debate is a form of debating that simulates the way congress argues over bills. NSDA is a debate organization that D300 is new in joining.

How does it work? -

Congressional debate in High School typically contains three sessions lasting 135 minutes each. There are pro speakers, con speakers, presiding officers, and judges. Speakers and POs are both students. Judges, however, are adults trained in judging debate. They judge your behavior and how well you participate in your chamber(the room in which you are debating). Your respective coach from your school can tell you more about how this works at your weekly meetings.

Please take a moment to hear about Congressional debate from our own District 300 debaters and coaches!

There are many perks of joining HS Debate:

  • Public speaking development
  • Depth in college applications and job resumes
  • Scholarship chances
  • Fun to relax and meet new people
  • Learning about current events
  • Opens your eyes to the worlds problems
  • Writing your evidence helps your writing in English classes
  • Learn critical thinking skills and think for yourself