Cygnus is an online journal (ISSN 2203-6830) that showcases the research of first year students at The University of Western Australia (UWA) enrolled in a biology unit. The published articles discuss the potential impact of climate change on the timing of seasonal events (phenology) of plant and animals, and evaluate the quality of species datasets contributed by citizen scientists.

This project is an ongoing collaboration between UWA and EarthWatch Australia's ClimateWatch program, and is supported by the Atlas of Living Australia.

The Cygnus banner was designed by 2014 student Hannah Etchells.
The image to the left is based on an original photograph 'The University at Crawley' published in the Western Mail in 1933. It features a Western Australian Christmas tree in full flower, with the iconic Winthrop Hall in the background. Only one example of this species remains on the Crawley campus. The image was produced by 2012 students Paul Ashbolt, Benjamin Quaife and Sarah Ryan-Charles.