News: From 27.05-29.05.2019 we organized a Workshop on Intelligent Prostheses and Brain-Computer Interfaces at TUM in Munich!

Who we are

We are a student initiative at the Technical University of Munich working in the fields of neuroengineering and assistive robotics. Currently, we are working on the CyberLimb project to participate in the 2020 CYBATHLON Arm Prosthesis competition and on the CereBro project to participate in the 2020 CYBATHLON BCI competition.


  • scientific progress in the field of assistive technologies
  • usefulness (in activities of daily living) for people with disabilities
  • developing and testing of new forms of human-centered engineering education

What is Cybathlon?

"The CYBATHLON is a unique championship in which people with physical disabilities compete against each other to complete everyday tasks using state-of-the-art technical assistance systems. " (CYBATHLON, ETH Zürich)

Like the Paralympics, the CYBATHLON competition takes place every 4 years. The next event is 2-3 May 2020 in Zürich, Switzerland.

The difference to the Paralympics is two-fold:

                    1. The objective is to complete everyday tasks.
                    2. Assistive technologies are allowed. It's about human-machine symbiosis.

Photos: Fabian Vogl / TUM (header photo)