CWR Academy

We develop and deliver real world cyber security education.

Since 2012, we have been delivering;

  • boot camps, workshops, seminars. classes, panels

Our team of highly skilled, well connected, and continuously educated professionals works closely with the National Cyber Warfare Foundation and the Cyber Warfare Range to design, develop, and deliver practical, hands-on, education to produce capable cyber warriors.

We work with our educational partners who deliver our educational content to a much larger audience. Maximizing impact and efficiency.

We utilize a continuous improvement process (CIP) to ensure our educational content is never stale or out of date.

Our educational content is proven to foster real world / practical skills that are immediately utilized by industry, the military, law enforcement, and intelligence. We not only privide knowledge, but we help to develop industry culture to ensure our students are easily able to excel in their work environments and deliver an immediate impact for those who partner with us.

Our students are also given the opportunity to continue their education and maintain their up to the minute skills. We design content and systems to make this process simple and cost effective. This allows our students to maximize their careers with the most efficient effort which also enables our students to maintain a work / life balance.

We are transforming lives every day.