Medical Computer Vision Workshop @ CVPR June 16, 2019

Organizers: Le Lu (PAII Inc. & Johns Hopkins University, USA); Leo Grady (PAIGE, USA); Tal Arbel (McGill University, Canada) ; Nicolas Padoy (University of Strasbourg, France)


The program of the workshop will be based on invited talks from leading researchers from both academia and industry and take place in room seaside 4.

8:30-9:00: Prof. Marc Niethammer (UNC at Chapel Hill, USA), -"Deep Learning for Image Registration"

9:00-9:30: Prof. Mert Sabuncu (Cornell University, USA) - "Ensemble learning with 3D convolutional neural networks for functional connectome-based prediction" (slides)

9:30-10:00: Prof. Lei Xing (University of Stanford, USA) - "Deep Learning in Medical Imaging Reconstruction" (slides)

10:00-10:30: Prof. Shandong Wu (UPMC, USA) - "AI Innovations in Radiology for Clinical/Translational Applications"

-- Break (15 minutes)

10:45-11:15: Dr. Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood (IBM Research, USA) - "On Key AI Challenges for Medical Imaging in Clinical Decision Support"

11:15-11:45: Prof. Emanuele Trucco (University of Dundee, UK), - "The VAMPIRE project: mining the retinome" (slides)

11:45-12:15: Prof. Diana Mateus (Ecole Centrale de Nantes / LS2N, France) - "Hand-in-hand machine-expert CAD tools: towards the improprement of fracture classification from X-rays" (slides)

-- Lunch (75 minutes)

1:30-2:00: Prof. Zhiting Hu (CMU & Petuum Inc., USA) - "Knowledge-guided Medical Image Report Generation"

2:00-2:30: Dr. Ke Yan (National Institutes of Health, USA) - "NIH-DeepLesion: Learning Universal Lesion Detection, Classification, and Segmentation from Mined Clinical Annotations, Reports, and Ontology" (slides)

2:30-3:00: Dr. Shun Miao (PAII Inc., USA) - "High Performance Convolutional Multimodal Imaging Registration"

3:00-3:30: Dr. Michal Sofka (Hyperfine, USA) - "Bringing MRI to the Patient's Bedside: Deep Learning for Image Acquisition and Image Interpretation"

-- Break (15 minutes)

3:45-4:15: Dr. Maxime Sermesant (INRIA, France) - "AI & Biophysics for Computational Cardiology: Learning by Heart"

4:15-4:45: Dr. Babak Rasolzadeh (Arterys, USA) - "Creating the Netflix of Medical Imaging AI"

4:45-5:15: Dr. Aditya Khosla (PathAI, USA) - "TBD"