Medical Computer Vision and Health Informatics Workshop (CVPR 2017), July 26th (Full Day)

Le Lu (National Institutes of Health Clinical Center, USA) ; Tal Arbel (McGill University, Canada) ; Leo Grady (HeartFlow, Inc. CA, USA) ; Bjoern Menze (Technical University of Munchen, Germany) ; Georg Langs (Medical University of Vienna & MIT, Austria)

NVidia is our official sponsor for the workshop!

Full Workshop Schedule on July 26th (4 sessions and 17 talks total). Hope to see you there!

Welcome & Start (7:30)

  1. (07:30-08:00) Keeping Human in the Loop of Analyzing Big Data of Microscopy Images, - Prof. Zhaozheng Yin (Missouri University S&T)
  2. (08:00-08:30) Dermatologist-level classification of skin cancer with deep neural networks, Mr. Andre Esteva (Stanford University)
  3. (08:30-09:00) Domain Adaptation and Active Learning for Microscopy Imaging, - Prof. Pascal Fua (EPFL)
  4. (09:00-09:30) Exploring and Harvesting the Healing Power of Big Data, - Prof. Jiebo Luo (University of Rochester)
  5. (09:30-10:00) Behavioral Imaging and the Study of Autism, - Prof. James Rehg (Georgia Tech)

(Moderator: Dr. Le Lu)

Coffee Break (10:00-10:15)

  1. (10:15-10:45) Medical Imaging at Google, - Dr. Martin Stumpe, Dr. Jonathan Krause (Google Research)
  2. (10:45-11:15) Large scale Biomedical Image and Genetic Data Analytics for Precision Medicine, - Prof. Wiro Niessen (Erasmus MC & TU Delft)
  3. (11:15-11:45) Big Data, Weak Label and True Clinical Impacts for Radiology Imaging Diagnosis, - Dr. Xiaosong Wang (NIH, slides)
  4. (11:45-12:15) Deep Learning based Survival Prediction from Big Image-Omics Data, - Prof. Junzhou Huang (UT Arlington)

(Moderator: Dr. Leo Grady)

Lunch Break (12:15~13:30)

  1. (13:30-14:00) Learning to Interpret Ultrasound Video, -Prof. Alison Noble (Oxford University)
  2. (14:00-14:30) Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers: to Learn or Not to Learn? - Prof. Marleen de Bruijne (Erasmus MC Rotterdam)
  3. (14:30-15:00) From Surgical Activities to Radiologic Reports: Computer Vision and Deep Learning for Medicine, - Prof. Allan Yuille, Prof. Greg Hager (Johns Hopkins University)
  4. (15:00-15:30) Learning clinically useful information from medical images, - Prof. Daniel Rueckert (Imperial College London, slides)

(Moderator: Dr. Tal Arbel)

Refreshment Break (15:30-15:45)

  1. (15:45-16:15) Integrative Clinical Datanomics through Computational Intelligence, - Prof. Nikos Paragios (Ecole Centrale Paris)
  2. (16:15-16:45) Advances in Deep Neural Architectures for Image Segmentation, - Prof. Chris Pal (École Polytechnique de Montréal)
  3. (16:45-17:15) Deep Learning and Its Application for Microscopic Image Analysis, - Prof. Lin Yang (University of Florida)
  4. (17:15-17:45) Deep Learning in Medical Imaging: for efficient and enhanced-value Radiology Reporting, - Prof. Hayit Greenspan (Tel-Aviv University)

(Moderator: Dr. Xiaosong Wang)