Medical Computer Vision and Health Informatics Workshop (CVPR 2017), July 26th (Full Day)

Le Lu (National Institutes of Health Clinical Center, USA) ; Tal Arbel (McGill University, Canada) ; Leo Grady (HeartFlow, Inc. CA, USA) ; Bjoern Menze (Technical University of Munchen, Germany) ; Georg Langs (Medical University of Vienna & MIT, Austria)

Incomplete List of Confirmed Speakers (We are preparing at least 16 high quality talks of 30 minutes each):

  1. Learning clinically useful information from medical images, - Prof. Daniel Rueckert (Imperial College London)
  2. Exploring and Harvesting the Healing Power of Big Data, - Prof. Jiebo Luo (University of Rochester)
  3. Large scale Biomedical Image and Genetic Data Analytics for Precision Medicine, - Prof. Wiro Niessen (Erasmus MC & TU Delft)
  4. Prof. Greg Hager (Johns Hopkins University)
  5. Prof. Alison Noble (Oxford University)
  6. Behavioral Imaging and the Analysis of Social Interactions, Prof. James Rehg (Georgia Tech)
  7. Prof. Pascal Fua (EPFL)
  8. Integrative Clinical Datanomics through Computational Intelligence, - Prof. Nikos Paragios (Ecole Centrale Paris)
  9. Dr. Dale Webster, Dr. Martin Stumpe (Google Research)
  10. Prof. Marleen de Bruijne (Erasmus MC Rotterdam)
  11. Big Data, Weak Label and True Clinical Impacts for Radiology Imaging Diagnosis: Collective Results on 100K Patients, - Dr. Xiaosong Wang (NIH)
  12. Deep Learning based Survival Prediction from Big Image-Omics Data, - Prof. Junzhou Huang (UT Arlington)
  13. Deep Learning and Its Application for Microscopic Image Analysis, - Prof. Lin Yang (University of Florida)
  14. Keeping Human in the Loop of Analyzing Big Data of Microscopy Images, - Prof. Zhaozheng Yin (Missouri University S&T)
  15. Advances in Deep Neural Architectures for Image Segmentation, - Prof. Chris Pal (École Polytechnique de Montréal)
  16. Dermatologist-level classification of skin cancer with deep neural networks, Mr. Andre Esteva (Stanford University)