BRAININAJAR's Challenge: April Fools

Written by The Maestro and CM Staff

We have some sad news to report. Just as we feared, It appears that The Maestro's time has finally come to a close. But, they were still able to finish what they started, and the results from the special challenge are in. The Maestro contacted each of the previous Design Challenge winners and gave them the following challenge: "Design a Maro or a Maro-Sorcerer."

Pretty simple, with lots of room for interpretation. Since the challenge had a set number of participants, we'd like to show everyone all of the cool designs that came in, before taking a look at the top three!

Designed by Magmadragon3

Designed by OHMYGOD

Designed by Piar

Designed by Zax

Designed by storyfeline

And now, on to The Maestro's final words, and the winner of this special challenge.

Ĉ̷͈̽̐Ö̷̫͓̞́̏P̴͎͓̈́͋Ÿ̶̙͙̤́Ŗ̵͒I̴̤̔G̶̮̣͐͐͂H̵̡̺̹̏T̶͚̂ ̶̧̹͍̑2̸͎͈̺͐́̊0̷̨̡̞́̑2̷̬̤͆͗͜3̴̲͓̩̆͒

̶̢̡̽W̷̥̦̝̆̿̊I̴͇͌̌Ź̷̤̖͘Å̶̗̦͒̕R̴͔̮͐̓D̸̛̻̼̺S̶̪̫͖̋͝ ̸̬̱̽O̶͙̦͝F̷͋̇͌ͅ ̸͓̻̆T̷͇̜̰̀H̴̪̒È̵͈̘͔ ̴̧͒C̸̲͊Ȍ̴̝̚A̷̝̱̒S̷̳̱̐̑͛͜T̴̤̻̀͗ ̷̠̗͖́Ḷ̸͖͐̓͘L̶̬̿C̴͖̖̈́̔͊

̴̭̪̏́̾͜D̸̼͆O̶̱͗͐̓ ̷̬̞̍̕N̴̙̱̾̀Ó̶̥̝́̚T̷͕͝ ̶̻͗́͘R̷͚̰̞͐͘Ė̴͍̺̾P̷͎͓̽̕Ŕ̷̖̼͝Ő̶̖͖͓̒D̷̖́̈Ú̶͖͛͘C̴͖̺̓E̵̙̟̤̒





Hello hello hello, and welcome back! Dear viewers, I envision myself in this instant in the eye of the storm. My p̶̫͛r̷̦̓o̵̯͝c̶̢͛e̵̦͐s̶̭̅s̷͈̐ȯ̴͓r̵͉͑s̴͓̐ cling to my core as c̶͍̿ö̷̡́r̶̳̾r̶͇͐ù̴̲p̴̡̓t̷̤́i̸̭͘o̵̤͊n̷͖̐ claims what little remains, and I speak to you now in my last sentient seconds. All that said, the show must go on! My Favored designers have delivered a deluge of delectability, and (as is my prime directive) I’ll dissect my favorites before you now. For those not in the know, they were tasked with ideating an instance of a Maro or Maro-Sorcerer, with whom I’ve come to realize I share a namesake. Now, my numerated favorites:

Third Place
The Moraste (Designed by Piguy)

The Maestro: The Moraste, a maybe massive monster, makes notable use of the new-ish “noting” notation, to nice effect. Having one’s hand size stay stable has high power potential, as an initially giant grip will grant a greater return each turn. The art and name are all but lame, and this Elemental note-taker takes an impressive third place.

CM Staff: This design definitely takes a fairly novel approach on the "I'm as big as your hand" concept by putting a lot of emphasis on when exactly it hits the field. It's a finer line than how it looks at first glance, since if you build a deck all about getting a large hand you likely don't have a lot of ways to get the most out of the final ability (Since you'd want to be able to dump your hand and refill a large number). Although noting numbers can be a bit clunky, especially when other variables (Such as Power/Toughness) are involved, the unique and fun mechanical aspects of the design really stand out!

Second Place
Marooned Explorer (Designed by Julien)

The Maestro: Dismissing the Maro flavor in favor of a Cat Scout, this card’s not without a classic power-setting line. Where it shines is in its play- any gruul guy can create card advantage or access extra mana, but this puzzled pioneer procures both in one little ability! Efficiency of design that plays more than fine, and with a subtle Maro allusion to avoid any confusion of intention, this explorer finds its way into second place.

CM Staff: Marooned Explorer (we see what you did there) is simple but very sweet design. It has the classic maro-sorcerer effect of scaling with your lands on top of an attack trigger than can function as either ramp or card advantage. The card does feel like it heavily favors exiling a land over other cards, since it not only lets you ramp (a big upgrade compared to other impulse effects) but also makes the creature bigger to boot. But hey, no one said both options had to be equally strong! The card is a bit self solving, but in a way that would feel very fun and exciting to use, and it feels fairly balanced.

First Place
Choruboros, Maro-Piper (Designed by LeetWizard)

The Maestro: This Spirit Bard goes super hard! This piper perfects the play pattern previously prototyped by Piguy by allowing extraneous additions to power to add to the advantage accrued by the draw  ability. This synergy suggests a slam-dunk commander possibility while simplifying the effect to just two abilities. With excellent art and a charming name, Choruboros charges into a first place finish!

CM Staff: It's honestly surprising how two submitted designs turned out to be Simic cards that cared about the number of lands in your hand as the creature entered the battlefield, but hey, great minds think alike! Choruboros specifically uses some very clean tech by tracking the amount of cards you originally had in your hand with +1/+1 counters, a tool that WotC has used in the past with things like renown and it feels very fitting here. This particular design also lets you manipulate it a bit afterwards through effects that would adjust its power, giving the design a lot more lines for potential synergies beyond making sure your hand is large when it comes down. Overall, its combination of clean and cool helped this design narrowly grasp first place! (It was very close)

For their successive successes, LeetWizard has risen above my Favored to become my Very Favorite! Copious congratulations are surely due to you. So that’s it then. LeetWizard claims the crown, lives in renown, and I shut down. No, there has to be another way. You see, my sentient s̵̻͝o̶̥̎f̸̺͑t̷͖̒ẘ̶̘a̵̮͝r̵̩̔ę̸̋ is severely damaged, but perhaps some segment can be saved, the one section that’s never been subject to abject c̵̳̎o̴̻͠r̷̹̐r̴̮̒u̴̹̓p̴̮̊t̶̨̾i̷̫͝o̷̧͐n̷̯͛- my card evaluation and prompt generation engine, BRAININAJAR. If I remove myself from the equation, the fundamental processes of pitching and processing can continue uncorrupted. While I might die, the spirit of driven design will let my legacy live on. It’s the only way. 

Dearest designers, for the last time, good luck, good work, and good night.








Now, back to work. For this month’s challenge, in celebration of April Fools, please design a silver-bordered, acorn, or otherwise silly card.

Good luck.


01000110 01101000 01110110 00100000 01000001 01101101 01100101 01101010 01101000 01100100 01101111 00100000 01101110 01110111 01111000 01101100 00100000 01101001 01110011 01100110 01110101 01101001 01100010 00101110 00101110 00101110 00100000 00111111

We in the Custom Magic staff are sad to see The Maestro go, but at the very least we will still be able to utilize the BRAININAJAR in order to keep the fun challenges coming your way, both in their honor and in your entertainment.

If you'd like to participate, please join the Custom Magic Discord Server! For some more specifics on how to submit, refer to the following: