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Emo Recog 

😊 Learn about emotions, what they mean and what they look like!😇

Featured in the January Issue of Autism Parenting Magazine

January 2024, Page 19.

🍭 Emo Recog 👑 

Learn about emotions, what they mean and what they look like!

Similar to Emo Recog Relig, minus the complexities of religion, spirituality, politics, and other unnecessary content for young minds. Share special moments with younger viewers as you or the app read classic children's stories, poems and fables read to them!

EmoRecogRelig ✝️ 

Learn about emotions, what they mean and what they look like!

For our beloved Christian friends who find solace in the Bible's wisdom, EmoRecog is your trusted companion. Dive into the world of emotions with a Christian perspective. 

Learn to recognize and understand your feelings in the light of your faith.

🔮 Spirit Emotions 🧘‍♂️

Learn about emotions, what they mean and what they look like!

If you're a free spirit with an open mind and a deep spiritual connection, Spirit Emotions is your guiding light. Unveil the mysteries of your emotions and embrace your spiritual side. 

Find out what your feelings truly mean and what they look like through the lens of spirituality.

Poker Dice 

is a solitaire type game that is free, fun and shockingly addictive!

Created game to demonstrate what Kotlin, MVVM and 

Jetpack Compose can do when used together.

Get Poker Dice now on Google Play!

GoVerifyID uses biometric modalities captured on phone to verify your identity securely in the cloud.

Get Go Verify ID now on Google Play!


Android App for BLM 

S1MobileMapper does offline/cloud mapping using ESRI mapping sdk and is used by over 8000 Forest Service and BLM employees. 

App can display various maps and collect map data, even with no internet connection.

Get S1 Mobile Mapper now on Google Play!


Android Apps for Deepak Chopra 

Created 4 Android smart phone meditation apps that use brainwave entrainment, images, strobing lights, synchronized music and Deepak Chopra's narration to put you in a relaxed state of mind. 

The scientific field of Brainwave Entrainment isn't new. 

In fact, it's been around, and proven in laboratory settings for nearly a century now!

Click Here to find out more!

Get Trip to the Forest now on Google Play! 


Android App 

Allows users to scroll through a list of the latest popular movies and click a movie for more details. 

The latest techniques and technologies were used to show off what an app can be if only the best tools, libraries and methodologies are used! 

Get Best Movie DB now on Google Play!


Android App for CNB 

How many moles can you whack? 

This game illustrates how to use Kotlin and MVVM effectively. 

Get Wacky Mole now on Google Play!


Android App for Skyward 

The SafeToFly Android App tells you if the weather where you is suitable for drone flight. 

This app illustrates how to create an app from a set of requirements. 

Get Safe to Fly now on Google Play!


Android App for Storli Designs 

Try to keep things living for as long as possible in a virtual world of cellular automation!

Tiger Life is based on Conway's Game of Life

Click for free TigerLife App (apk)


Android App for Storli Designs 

Will the sharks eat the fish or will the fish outsmart the sharks?

Either way you control this aquatic simulations fate. 

Click for free Tiger Sharks App (apk)

Pete Storli

Thanks for your generous support for 

Emo Recog

which I created for my high functioning, 

autistic grandson and my slightly Asperger's self. :) Pete

Thank You!


Contact Pete Storli, CEO of Custom Android Apps LLC at 971-375-7407 or to talk more about your needs or to see my resume.

Expert with over 12 years android experience in Java, Kotlin, MVVM and Jetpack Compose. Spearheaded the development of ImageWare's biometric identification app, GoVerifyID, boasting over 1K downloads, an impressive average rating of 4.2 stars, and clinching the title of 2017's most innovative app of the year

If you also need a matching iOS app, I have a close friend that is also an iOS developer who has worked with me in the past. Additional charges may apply for an 

iOS compatible app, graphic design work, web pages or server side work.

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