University of Colorado School of Medicine

Black Student Collective

University of Colorado School of Medicine's Black Student Collective created a resolution titled, "Action Items for the Reduction of Racial Injustices in the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus".

The Black Student Collective is comprised of Black student leaders, The University of Colorado Student National Medical Association Chapter, and The University of Colorado White Coats for Black Lives Chapter.

Briefly, the purpose of this document is to address the University of Colorado School of Medicine (CUSOM) and the Anschutz Medical Campus (AMC) reiteration of its efforts to reduce racial injustices and its seeking to make a difference in the communities it serves.

The CUSOM Black Student Collective and our allies, hereby propose the changes outlined in the document to further augment the advancements made by AMC and CUSOM leadership , to curate an inclusive learning culture that breeds holistic physicians, and to expand collaborative community engagements that will enrich our communities and the patients we serve. Together we hope to implement these actions to create systematic, lasting and meaningful changes.