Curriculum Forward

Ontario Health Curriculum Organizing Meeting with East End Parents

Monday November 26th @ 7pm. Eastview Neighbourhood Community Centre, 86 Blake Street.

Protecting Ontario's Students

Within a few short weeks of taking office this spring the new Provincial Government canceled much needed updates to the Indigenous Curriculum and rolled back the Health Curriculum without forward planning, analysis, or consultation. These hasty decisions deprive our students of a modern and comprehensive education and puts vulnerable youth at further risk.

We are urging parents, student, community organizations, and advocacy groups to share one voice in supporting our local school boards and teachers, and in telling the Province what we want for the safety and wellbeing of Ontario's children.

How Can You Help?

  • Learn more about the issues (RESOURCES)
  • Talk to your friends, family, and neighbours and share your concerns
  • Engage your school community through your School Council
  • Fill out the Ministry of Education's Education Survey and highlight the need for modern curricula!
  • Write to the Minister of Education, the Premier, and your local MPP to let them know what you expect for your students [Current Ontario MPPs] [sample letter]
  • Write a letter of support to your school board and your school principal [sample letter 1] [sample letter 2].
  • Make a donation to support one of the legal challenges to the curriculum (HERE)
  • Sign a petition (HERE)
  • Start your own petition