Cupral 2017

IJCNLP 2017 Workshop on Curation and Applications of Parallel and Comparable Corpora

November 27, 2017

Taipei, Taiwan


  • As technology progresses, across the entire world, there is an increased demand for localised language services over digital devices. However, unlike resource-rich languages such as English, many of these local languages are under-resourced and suffer from chronic lack of linguistic resources required to build such NLP services and applications. Parallel and Comparable corpora, which act as bridge between two languages, alleviate this problem by enabling knowledge transfer between languages - especially from resource-rich to resource-scarce languages. In this talk, I will highlight various techniques, which leverage parallel and comparable corpora linking to a resource-rich language, for improving the performance of NLP tasks such as IR, CLIR, Language Modeling, NER and MT in resource-scarce languages.