My Cupcake Story

I'm Leanne!!  

As the story goes, my beautiful sister was getting married in June of 2017 and had her heart set on cupcakes that looked like flowers instead of a traditional wedding cake.  During a visit to the Chicago area in early February, we looked around and found that most bakeries wanted at least $60 a dozen for flower cupcakes. That seemed a little outrageous so we decided I would return home to California and figure out how to make flower cupcakes.  
I was an elementary school principal at the time and I figured, how hard could it be?  So, I started watching all the YouTube videos, buying all the supplies and making cupcakes for every event possible.  My school staff were troopers trying every unsightly attempt.  The only saving grace was they tasted good even when they didn't look too great!  As the months went by, I got better and so did the look of the cupcakes.  By the time the wedding arrived, I was ready and my sister's dessert table turned out lovely.  I was pleased and relieved to end my cupcake career but little did I know God had another plan...
At the end of June, my district closed a school and I was forced to resign.  WOW! That was a shock but an even bigger shock was that I was having a terrible time finding a new job.  Someone suggested that I post pictures of my cupcakes on social media and see if I could sell them to supplement our income while I continued to look for a job.  My response, "HAHAHA, no one is going to buy my cupcakes!"  But, I followed their encouragement and overnight (pretty much literally) God gave me a fulltime cupcake business, baking 20 - 40 dozen cupcakes a week.  If you saw my first cupcake bouquets, you'd agree it was definitely a God thing. :) 
For 6 months, Cupcakes supported our family and I learned more lessons about humility, patience, grace, hope, faith and love, not to mention reliance on God's provisions and plans for my life, than I ever had in my whole life up to that point.  I did eventually land an amazing full time job but 6 years later, Cupcakes by Leanne is still here!!
My message to all of you, At any given time, you may not know why you have to go through a painful experience, endure a new learning, or why there must a be a change to your status quo but rest assured, God never wastes an opportunity and if you are open for the possibility, He will use all of it to shape your life and touch the lives of others. 
The poster in my cupcake studio says it all...I'm just a girl who loves Jesus and Baking!!  I hope I get to share one or both of those with you soon!!