Cumberland Plain Walkers Inc offers you the opportunity to meet people with the same interests, to see the beauty of our National Parks and wilderness areas and thus enjoy the adventure of exploring them through a wide range of activities.

You can view magnificent rugged scenery and see many varieties of flora and fauna, as well as enjoying the tranquility the outdoors has to offer.

There are activities for all ages, you are never too old! Training is available and you will find it very easy to learn.

Bushwalking is the ultimate experience. Camping in a clearing by a cool mountain stream or perched high on a mountain, far from the cares of the world, adds warmth to a walker’s soul.

It is a great experience, but one that should not be taken lightly. The best and safest way to go bushwalking is to join a club. Clubs provide experienced bushwalkers who can train the newcomer in the skills of bushwalking, as well as friendly company in a relaxed environment.

We support minimal impact bushwalking and camping plus generally caring for and respecting the environment.