Indication of Social Info and Cues for Helping People Approach a Group Conversation Smoothly

About Coenector

Cuenector is a cross-platform application that can be installed on a wearable Google Glass or on a smartphone. 

Cuenector enables the process of locating people with similar interest much more easier, and help people to understand the socio-behavioral cues if they need assistance in real-time. 

Team Roles

Wenyi Chu
Samiha Samrose
Sharfuz Sifat


CSC 294/574 
@University of Rochester
Project Duration: 1 Month

A Better Way to Connect with people?

Socialization, especially in a public event, can be challenging for individuals.

People may find it difficult to network with the people with similar interest in a public event. Sometimes, getting into an ongoing group conversation is also difficult, especially for introverts or people with socialization issues. Different techniques have been applied to resolve public socialization problems, however it has not been able to entirely solve the instant connection-making and socio-behavioral cue identification issues.

In this work, Cuenetor, we attempt to address the problem using a google glass application. We propose a technique to instantly locate people with similar interest and help people to understand the socio-behavioral cues if they need assistance in real-time.

Contextual Inquiry Insights

People Don't Know Whom to connect with

We surveyed students from University of Rochester, and they estimated that over 60% of the time when they are in a conference, they don't know whom they should talk to.

People Don't Know How to approach people

Most of them indicated that sometimes they are not very sensitive to the social cues that are happening around them.

People love Cross-platform Application

Our user study tells us that people are willing to use a combination of mobile app and wearable app when going to a conference.

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Design in Progress:

  • Paper Prototype, working prototype and demos find here.

Showcase Video: