Consortium on Useful Assessment in Language and Humanities Education

The Consortium on Useful Assessment in Language and Humanities Education (CUALHE) is an inter-institutional collaborative effort that aims to share and to enhance useful assessment practices developed by college language and humanities programs and to develop a cadre of scholars who can serve as assessment experts/facilitators. The Consortium fosters a culture of reflective teaching in higher education and supports research into student learning, making useful assessment a regular part of the academic modus operandi.

The goals of the annual meeting and conference are: (a) to provide a forum for those working on outcomes assessment (and related endeavors) to present and exchange ideas, and (b) to enable strategic planning of the Consortium organization and activities.

The 2019 conference spans two days, September 14-15, and consists of presentations and discussions on two assessment-related strands:

  1. assessment of academic literacy (reading/writing) across the curriculum; and
  2. standards-based learning outcomes.

CUALHE 2019 will take place at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. The conference begins with an opening breakfast on Saturday, September 14, followed by presentations and discussion. The first day includes a plenary address from Lia Plakans. Presentations and discussions continue on Sunday, September 15, facilitated by invited scholars with expertise in their respective strands. The conference ends with lunch on Sunday.