Match Day 2020

Oh the places you'll go...

Match Results!

2020 Match Results - Printable with Dec 2019 Final for Website ONLY.pdf
Match results single column by specialty.pdf

Day of Live Stream - Starts at 9:45AM

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Schedule of Events

Every day a new activity, video, or message will be opened for our class to participate. Even though we cannot be together, we want to all celebrate virtually!


  • #CheerUpChallenge - see page for details

  • Instagram/Twitter

    • We will take over the @cuanschutz and @cuschoolofmedicine instagram pages for the next week so please tag the pages with your #CheerUpChallenge, email opening, and other #CUAnschutzMatch and #Match2020 videos!

    • Find the Instagram filter available by heading to the @cuanschutz instagram page on Monday!

  • Monday: check your email at 9am! Check in with your family and support.

      • Slideshow

  • Tuesday

      • DIY Distractions

      • Slideshow

  • Wednesday

      • WORLD PREMIERE Match Day Video

      • Dean Zimmer's video to the class

      • Slideshow

  • Thursday

      • Activity from Lindsay Welton

      • Slideshow

  • Friday - MATCH DAY

    • 9:00 am - Keynote Speeches available to view

    • 9:45 am - Deans start LIVE STREAMING

    • 10:00 am - Receive EMAIL with match results (GOOD LUCK)

    • Fill out Match Results form to let your friends and classmates know where everyone will be!

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