Jets of Time

Resources and Help

Jets of Time is an open world-ish randomizer for Chrono Trigger. The goal is to search for a path to Lavos, and then build a team strong enough to defeat it. This site provides basic resources to get started without being lost or confused.

Get it here ! Or use the online generator here.


  • A new take on Chrono Trigger, emulating the style of open ended RPGs.

  • Randomized character pickups, encouraging the use of many varied parties.

  • Randomized loot, with treasures being adjusted to fit progression.

  • Random charms and drops from enemies.

  • Various optional modes and flags that add to the replayability, like Lost Worlds, Cronosanity, random techlists, and more.

Basic Changes

  • The player starts with the Epoch, and can travel to many sites around 600 and 1000 AD freely.

  • Eras besides the two are locked, and require completing quests to unlock. Certain key spots, like Magus' Castle, are also locked.

  • Characters who need to unlock magic now learn 3 techs before their Spekkio visit.

  • All characters except Magus, Robo and Ayla have a standardized tech point distribution of 5->10->50 for their first three techs.

  • Characters in general take a LOT less time to learn their techs than in vanilla.

  • Enemies are generally tweaked to support the progression. Yakra XIII and Retinite for instance are much more easier than they were in vanilla.

  • Enemies in locations relevant to the progression give a lot more XP than in vanilla, and the gains grow bigger as you visit more in depth locations.

  • Characters are slightly adjusted to fit the gameplay of the randomizer; characters who started with a speed of 6 now start with 8 speed instead, and Frog fits the role of a hybrid fighter/mage much better.

  • Lavos was adjusted to not require high levels. Generally, levels around 30 or above should do, though equipment and tech combos play a big role.

  • Power and Magic tabs now give random, usually stronger boosts, since both were quite underwhelming in the original game.