2020 COVID-19 FlexGrants

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Thank you for your interest, we are no longer accepting submissions.

Learn more about our COVID-19 FlexGrants winners here.

The West Coast Consortium for Technology & Innovation in Pediatrics (CTIP) is announcing a limited grant opportunity to support pediatric medical device innovators who are able to use their technology to aid in the current COVID-19 pandemic. Companies will be awarded grants up to $15,000 to support activities that apply or adapt their existing medical device to help manage the health impacts of the crisis on children. Medical devices with adult indications that are expanding or wish to expand their clinical indication to pediatrics are welcome to apply.

We are no longer accepting grant submissions.


All companies must meet CTIP's minimum criteria to receive support:

  1. Medical device that has a pediatric application as defined by the FDA (0 to 21 years of age)

  2. Medical device regulated by the FDA

  3. Feasible for CTIP to support

  4. US-based company

For full award criteria and allowed use of funds, please read this page.


Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Potential impact on children affected by COVID-19

  • Ability to address an unmet need by current available solutions

  • Scientific and clinical merit

  • Feasibility of achieving stated goals with requested funding

  • Sustainability beyond the current crisis

  • Ability to enter the market quickly to deliver your solution

To help you put together your proposal, we have curated some resources here.

Award & Post-Award Responsibilities

  • Award Notification: Grants are awarded on a rolling basis.

  • Reporting: The grantee will be expected to provide a quarterly progress report every three months after the start date of the projects. The reports will include both work progress and funds encumbered. At the conclusion of the grant, a Final Report must be submitted. Further details regarding reporting will be included in the award package.

Submit Your Application

Please use the form below to submit your proposal. You will need to attach a company executive summary (max 2 pages) and/or pitch deck (max 25 slides), and a proposal of how you will utilize your medical device to help manage the health impacts of the crisis on children.

If you have any questions, please contact info@westcoastctip.org and use subject line ‘COVID-19 Flex Grant.’

Disclosure Terms and Conditions

This is a grant, not a loan or investment for equity. CTIP acknowledges that the submission of this application does not grant CTIP any rights to the work and any accompanying intellectual property is owned by the submitter. All rights to inventions, whether patentable or not, conceived or first actually reduced to practice by one or more applicants will belong to the submitter. Inventorship is decided between and among the team members involved with a given invention. Team members agree to negotiate in good faith the disposition of joint invention. The submitter acknowledges that material submitted for review by CTIP for which the submitter requests support is their own work or is submitted with permission from the entity that has legal rights to the material. CTIP may use the submitter‘s name, the submitter‘s institution, the project name the project description and associated brand assets for, including but not limited to, CTIP‘s internal tracking, record keeping, branding, website, press releases and social media presence, as well as to comply with reporting requirements mandated by the FDA (as part of our contractual obligation).