Google at CSUN 2019

Google Schedule - Platinum Showcase 9

Wednesday March 13

10:00 am: New Accessibility Products & Features from Google

Join us to hear announcements from several Google teams about products, tools and features that will be presented in more detail throughout the conference!

11:00 am: What's New in Accessibility on Android

Learn more about the latest accessibility on Android with services such as Accessibility Menu, TalkBack, Select to Speak, BrailleBack and features for hard-of-hearing users.

1:20 pm: Lookout: A Computer Vision Assistive App for Android

Come learn about Lookout - a new Android App that assists users with vision impairments gain more independence with daily routines. Hear about how Lookout can help users while cooking, exploring new spaces, and other common tasks.

2:20 pm: Google G Suite Updates

Come learn about Google G Suite accessibility features and functionalities added over the last year, across Calendar, Gmail, Drive, Docs and more.

3:20 pm: Introduction to Accessibility UX Research

An introduction to conducting user experience (UX) research in order to understand user needs and make your product more intuitive, accessible, and fun.

4:20 pm: Use Search Features to Enhance Your Daily Life

Learn about Google Search features and how they can help you find information in your daily life.

5:00 pm: Teach Access Meet-up

Members of the Teach Access Organization will meet up in the Google suite to network and talk with CSUN attendees about our mission, the work we're doing, and answer any questions about how to get involved.

Thursday March 14

8:00 am: How Thinking of Accessibility First Can Improve the Experience for All

In this session, we'll share tools and exercises for bringing together user experience design and accessibility to create better products and services for all users.

9:00 am: Closed Captions in Google Products

Come learn about closed captioning options in Google and YouTube products, how and when to use them to support a diverse audience.

10:00 am: Chrome & Chrome OS Accessibility Updates

Join members of the Chrome and Chrome OS Accessibility team to hear recent product updates, including new features and functionalities built into Chromebook devices.

11:00 am: Google G Suite Tips & Tricks: Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drive & Keep

Come learn about ways to simplify and speed up your experience using Google G Suite products such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, Forms, and Keep.​

1:20 pm: UX Case Studies: How Google Uses Research to Design Accessible Products

Get a peek into how various Google teams planned and conducted user-centered research projects -- with real users with disabilities -- to design their products

2:20 pm: What's New with Google Home and Google Assistant

Learn about all the new features in Google Assistant and all the new devices that support it.

3:20 pm: Product Updates and New Developer Initiatives on Google Play

Learn about what's new in Google Play apps, and find out about our a11y efforts that empower developers to create accessible apps.

4:20 pm: Automated Accessibility Testing for Mobile

Learn about Google's open-source accessibility testing tools and how development teams can leverage them within Android and iOS apps.

Friday March 15

9:00 am: Tips for Communicating with Gmail, Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat

Gmail, Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet are powerful tools for communication. Come learn tips for more efficient and more effective communication using these Google apps.

10:00 am: Android for Users with Motor Impairments

Learn about updates in Switch Access and Voice Access. Users can interact with Android using switches or voice commands, without needing to touch the screen.

11:00 am: Accessibility in YouTube TV: A Case Study

Learn about how YouTube TV engineering and UX teams collaborated to improve accessibility of the product, and how we incorporated user feedback.

1:20 pm: What's New in Chrome DevTools

In this session, we'll cover new accessibility features in Chrome DevTools and show you how to debug common accessibility issues.

2:30 pm: Deej Movie showing, co-sponsored by Pearson

Description of movie: After spending his early years in foster care, without access to language, DJ “Deej” Savarese found not only a loving family but also a life in words, which he types on a text to voice synthesizer. ​ ​In Deej, David James Savarese challenges misconceptions of what a so-called “nonspeaking” autistic can do. As one of the few alternatively communicating autistics to be fully included in regular education from kindergarten through college graduation, he advances the viewers’ understanding of what they don’t know they don’t know and gives them direct access to what full inclusion looks like both in and outside of the classroom walls. We are thrilled to host Deej with us in the Google suite to present this movie.

Come visit us at booth 209 in the Marquis Ballroom!