Chief Standing Bear TRAIL


Chief Standing Bear Trail is the result of a multiple-year rail-to-trail project that converted an abandoned railway line to a crushed limestone path for runners, walkers, and cyclists. The trail runs from Beatrice, Nebraska south and east to the Kansas state line and on to Marysville, Kansas in the valley of the Big Blue River. In Nebraska the trail roughly follows the path that Chief Standing Bear and his people took from their Oklahoma reservation to their ancestral homelands along the Niobrara River in northern Nebraska. The Homestead Conservation and Trails Association is a nonprofit entity charged with managing and maintaining the trail.

Sunrise marks the beginning of a new day

Users of all ages appreciate the trail's  surface

Why not enjoy the trail with a few friends today?

An old railway bridge with new life!

A few rules, to maximize trail enjoyment for everyone


Picnic shelter at Blue Springs Trailhead

Bike repair station, bike racks, and restroom at Blue Springs Trailhead

Restrooms, drinking fountain, bike rack, and picnic shelter at Holmesville Trailhead

Blue Springs Trailhead

Barneston Trailhead

Holmesville Trailhead

Bear Creek - maintained by the City of Beatrice

Beatrice 6th & Perkins Streets Trailhead - maintained by the City of Beatrice; now called Gage County Foundation Trail Depot

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Homestead Conservation and Trails Association

A 501(c) (3) nonprofit - 100% of donations made will go toward maintaining and improving the trail

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PO Box 183

Beatrice, NE 68310

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