Advanced Machine Learning

Course Description: Covers advanced topics in machine learning. Focuses on probabilistic graphical models, inference and learning algorithms, and their connections to deep learning. This is a PhD level course with emphasis on mathematical principles as well as practical know-how.

The course syllabus will continuously be updated with methods from state-of-the-art research.

Course Details:


  • CS 6140 Machine Learning
  • Familiar with linear algebra, statistics, optimization
  • Proficient at programming in Python

Course Assessment:

  • 40 % homework (10% x 4)
  • 40 % project
  • 15 % paper discussion
  • 5 % lecture scribe

NOTES: For students who need computing resources for the class project, we recommend you to look into Google Colab or AWS educate program.

Course Syllabus

Note: the syllabus is tentative and is subject to change.