CS Tutoring at UC Davis

A free, peer-run service for UC Davis students.

Apply to become a tutor for Winter 2023

If you're interested in helping your fellow students in Computer Science and would like to hone your interpersonal skills, we urge you to apply! We are flexible with schedule changes and would really appreciate your help!

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About CS Tutoring @ UCD

Welcome to CS Peer Tutoring! We are affiliated with the CS Department at UC Davis. Every quarter, the CS Tutoring Committee organizes undergraduate volunteer tutors to help students with undergraduate CS courses. All of our tutors are approved by the department, and received high grades in the courses they tutor.

We offer our tutoring services throughout the academic year (except the Summer).

CS tutoring is free for all students --- just join our Discord server

To see when tutors will be available for a specific course, see our calendar below.

You can contact us at cstutoring@ucdavis.edu.

Winter 2023 Update

CS Tutoring will be starting on Jan 23th 2023!

We will have hybrid and virtual tutoring sessions this quarter!

Go to the "Tutoring Calendar" tab in this website after Oct 10th to see when tutors are available.

The general process is as follows:

  1. Tutor hours are available on this calendar.

  2. Join the Discord server

  3. If you wish to be tutored in-person, check the location section of the calendar event for each tutoring session to find out if a tutor is tutoring in a hybrid or a virtual format. If there is a hybrid tutor available, head over to Kemper 75 (One of the CSIF rooms in Kemper Basement) and then do the following. You can get tutored virtually in any tutoring session regardless of if it is "hybrid" or "fully virtual".

  4. Follow the steps posted in the #welcome channel in our discord server regardless of if you want to be tutored in-person or via discord.

  5. When it's your turn to be helped, you will receive an invitation to a voice chat with the tutor. If you are in a virtual session, use the discord call to get help from the tutor. If you are in a hybrid session and go in-person, still join the voice chat, mute/deafen yourself on discord, and then find your tutor in the room to get help in-person.