The working group dedicated to "Cross-diffusion systems, gradient flows, and their perturbations" will take place in L'Aquila in April 10-13, 2019, at the Gran Sasso Science Institute.

Confirmed participants

Nadia Ansini, Sapienza University of Rome

José A. Canizo, University of Granada

Simone Di Marino, SNS of Pisa

Simone Murro, University of Freiburg

Lorenzo Portinale, IST Austria

Helene Ranetbauer, University of Vienna

André Schlichting, University of Bonn

Markus Schmidtchen, Imperial College London

Simon Schultz, University of Oxford

Organising committee

Luca Alasio, Gran Sasso Science Institute

Maria Bruna, University of Oxford

Antonio Esposito, University of L'Aquila

Simone Fagioli, University of L'Aquila

Emanuela Radici, University of L'Aquila


The goal of this working group is to discuss modelling, analysis, and numerical simulation aspects of cross-diffusion systems of PDEs, gradient flow structures, and their perturbations. We would like the meeting to be very interactive, and to this end it will have a study group format, consisting of a few short overview talks and many group work slots.

During their stay the participants are encouraged to work collaboratively on their common research interests in small groups (e.g. 3-4 people); this will be an occasion to share new ideas and projects, to develop new collaborations and to continue working on existing projects.

The plan is to break into groups so that we can work effectively, but make groups flexible and reconvene several times to share results during the course of the meeting.

This will be an occasion to share new ideas and projects, as well as to discuss them with the students and researchers from GSSI and University of L'Aquila interested in such topics.