Solving Dental Problems

Dealing with Crooked Teeth and Misaligned Bite

There can be many reasons for misaligned bite or crooked teeth. And there are many forms of misalignment to talk about. The most common ones are overbite or under-bite. However, there can also be severe misalignment which may require a person to consider advance treatment options.

You may want to know about the reasons of misalignment of teeth. Usually, the adult teeth erupt misaligned when the person’s baby teeth are lost too early. Other reasons include gum disease, improper fitting of dental restoration, unusual pressure on teeth and gums, misalignment of jaw due to injury, tumors in the mouth, and other oral health problems in children.

Problems that come with misaligned teeth

The misalignment of bite can result in the following problems.

  • Difficulty in proper chewing
  • Difficulty in cleaning teeth by brushing and flossing; thus, increasing the risk for cavities and gum disease.
  • Extra strain and stress on teeth and gums, increasing the chance of chips and cracks on teeth.
  • Low confidence level due to the appearance of teeth.

Knowing about the misalignment

You need to know whether or not your teeth are misalignment. In most of the cases, the misalignment is visible in the mirror. However, the misalignment can be hidden as well. In such situations, it is quite necessary to get your oral cavity analyzed by your dentist. Your dentist is going to look for the following things.

  • Abnormal alignment of your teeth.
  • Abnormal appearance of your face.
  • Discomfort while chewing.
  • Difficulty in speech.

If you have misalignment which needs to be treated, your dentist is going to refer you to an orthodontist who is a specialist in dealing with the misalignment issues.

The tests that you can expect from your dentist

Your orthodontist will require taking x-rays test, photographs of your face and impression of your teeth in order to determine the type of treatment that you are going to need. The position of your teeth and roots will be analyzed with the help of dental x-rays. More specifically, the panoramic dental x-rays provide enough details about the connection between teeth and jaws, and then the relationship between jaws and the head. Photographs of your face are further going to explain the connection between said areas. In order to prepare an exact copy of your bite, you are going to have to bite on a soft material to create an impression of your teeth.

Treatment options

If the misalignment of your teeth is not severe enough, you may only need to wear a retainer. A retainer helps you get your teeth reshaped in the desired shape. However, braces remain to be another option if your misalignment is not treatable through simple options. For severest cases, the dentist may decide to conduct a surgery.

Holiday Snacks You Can Enjoy Without Feeling Guilty

Poor dental health can usually be attributed to the amount of sugar your kids (and you!) may consume. Sugar is in everything, from juice (which is healthy for you) to desserts.

So, we know holiday snacks contain a lot of sugar as well. But did you know there are healthy alternatives that taste just as good? You don’t have to put off eating dessert or the other great tasting holiday foods this year. Just opt for the low-sugar variants instead.

These holiday treats are contain low amounts of sugar a lot them actually also use healthy ingredients that are good for overall health and your teeth. These ingredients include nuts, molasses, dark chocolate, and cranberries. Also, opting for whole wheat flour can turn any holiday dessert into a healthier option.

Almond cookies

Almonds are just great for your health in general. And when you combine them in everything from cookies to shortbread, the recipes often call for less sugar than most holiday desserts. You can’t go wrong with almonds.


A lot of gingerbread recipes only call for about a half cup of sugar in comparison to the many other sugar cookie recipes that need more than a cup of sugar. Gingerbread can also have healthy amounts of fiber if the recipe includes pumpkin. Win win.

Oatmeal cookies

Substitute applesauce for most of the sugar in your oatmeal cookies (which by the way are quite better for you than any sugar or chocolate cookie) and you’re good to go.

Pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pie is pretty much known for the holidays. Did you know that it’s actually one of the healthier pies available to you? Just stay away from the whipped cream and you’ll be good.

Chocolate-covered strawberries

Not only do these pack great amounts of vitamin C and tasty chocolate, they always look incredibly pretty when done right. Strawberries are practically made for the holidays with their red and green color.

Cranberry sauce

For the most part, cranberry sauce can be quite a healthy dish for your holiday meal, and there are luckily some low-sugar recipes (especially if you happen to plop it out straight from the can). Cranberries are also known to be great for your teeth since they can help prevent cavities and periodontitis.

All of these things are great alternatives to sweeter treats during the holidays, but even some of these can rack up in sugar if you don’t eat them in moderation!