CRISTAL is a software ecosystem for analyzing and managing business processes from different points of view. Specifically, it provides support to analyze business process models as for the data objects used in a business process and the human resources of the organization in which the process is implemented that participate in its execution by carrying out one or more tasks.

  • Inventors/authors/obtainers: Cristina Cabanillas Macías; Manuel Resinas Arias de Reyna; Antonio Ruiz Cortés; Adela del Río Ortega
  • Entity holder of rights: University of Seville (Spain)
  • Number of application: 201299900176837
  • Date of register: 27/01/2012

PPINOT is tool suite that allows the definition of PPIs by means of both, a graphical notation and a template-based notation that uses linguistic patterns. It also provides support for the automated analysis of such definitions, allowing to extract implicit information from these PPIs and their relationships with the business process and between themselves.

  • Inventors/authors/obtainers: Adela del Río Ortega; Manuel Resinas Arias de Reyna; Antonio Ruiz Cortés; Cristina Cabanillas Macías
  • Entity holder of rights: Universidad de Sevilla
  • Number of application: 201299900177207
  • Date of register: 27/01/2012