Dr. Cristina Cabanillas is a post-doctoral researcher and lecturer with the Applied Software Engineering (ISA) research group at the University of Seville (Spain). She received her Ph.D in 2012 at that university with research results on human resource management in business processes. Prior to that she completed a degree on Computer Science with honors at the University of Extremadura, Spain (2008) and an M.Sc. on Software Engineering and Technology (2010) at the University of Seville (Spain). After her PhD studies she worked for seven years at the Institute for Information Business of Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria).

She has taken part in many R&D&I projects, has experience as a reviewer in top international conferences and journals, and has chaired several workshops and conference tracks. She has coordinated the FWF PRAIS project (V 569-N31) on process- and resource-aware information systems and is currently the principal investigator of the MCI/AEI/FEDER CONFLEX project (RTI2018-100763-J-100) on the integration of context-aware resource management into flexible process-oriented organisations.

Research Interests

  • Business Process Management: Modeling, Analysis, Improvement, Innovation
  • Business Process Compliance
  • Crowdsourcing and Data Integration


University of Seville

Department of Languages and Computer Systems

Avda. Reina Mercedes s/n, ETS Ingeniería Informática

41012 Seville, Spain

Email: cristinacabanillas@us.es