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Ragu Pasta Cup 205,000LBP

Fusilli pasta, homemade tomato sauce, basil, meat sauce, parmesan on the side


Lentil Cup 115,000 LBP

Lentils, Lollo Bionda Lettuce, Crew Herbs, Green & Red Bell-Peppers, Green onions, Cherry tomatoes, Lemon oil sauce - 116Cal
Feta 25,000 L.B.P.Halloumi 30,000 L.B.P.Goat Cheese 45,000 L.B.P.

Cold Pasta Cup 150,000 LBP

Fusilli pasta, Red & green Bell-peppers, olives, corn, basil leaves, oregano, Pesto sauce, balsamic oil dressing - 194 Cal
Feta 25,000 L.B.P.Tuna 40,000 L.B.P.Shrimps 65,000 L.B.P.

Quinoa Cup 170,000 LBP

Quinoa, Basil, Cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, Red & green Bell-peppers, Lemon oil Sauce - 95Cal
Avocado Slices 30,000 L.B.P.Feta 25,000 L.B.P.Halloumi 30,000 L.B.P.Tuna 40,000 L.B.P.Goat Cheese 45,000 L.B.P.Grilled chicken breast 45,000 L.B.P.Shrimps 65,000 L.B.P.

Red Beans Cup 165,000 LBP

Red Beans, Lollo Bionda Lettuce, Corn, Onions, Red and Green Bell peppers, Crew Herbs, Lemon Oil dressing - 187 Cal

Pasta Caesar Cup 155,000 LBP

Fussili Pasta, Iceburg Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes, Cornichons, Parmesan Cheese, Caesar Sauce - 225 CalTuna 40,000 L.B.P.Grilled Chicken Breast 45,000 L.B.P.

Chicken Raisin Cup 180,000 LBP

Grilled chicken breast, Rocket Leaves, Fresh Mushrooms, Raisins, Sundried Tomatoes, Honey Mustard Sauce - 384 Cal
Avocado Slices 30,000 L.B.P.Mango Slices 30,000 L.B.P.
California Cup 215,000 LBPCrab, lolo bionda lettuce, cucumber, fresh avocado, sesame, caesar sauce - 378 Cal


Rocca 180,000 LBP

Rocket leaves, cherry tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, parmesan, walnuts, balsamic dressing - 82Cal

Mediterranean 180,000 LBP

Feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, green and red bell- pepper, iceberg lettuce, rocket leaves, crew herbs, green onions, lemon oil dressing - 190Cal
Corn 15,000 L.B.P.

Caprese Salad 190,000 LBP

Fresh mozzarella, basil leaves, cherry tomatoes, rocket leaves, pesto sauce, balsamic oil dressing - 141Cal

Goat Cheese Mango 220,000 LBP

Goat cheese, Mango, rocca, Lollo Bianca lettuce, walnuts, rocket leaves, sundried tomatoes, honey mustard dressing - 320Cal
Grilled Chicken Breast 45,000 L.B.P.

Seafood Salad 275,000 LBP

Salmon, shrimps, crab, capers, lemon slices, Lollo Bionda lettuce, rocket leaves, lemon oil sauce - 234Cal
Orange Slices 10,000 L.B.P.Avocado Slices 30,000 L.B.P.Mango Slices 30,000 L.B.P.

Choose your dressing: Lemon oil, balsamic, pesto.


Turn to Multi-Cereal Brown Baguette (B): 10,000 L.B.P.Multi-Cereal Brown Baguette (B): 110CalWhite Baguette: 216Cal

Thyme and Mixed Veggies 75,000 L.B.P.

Dried thyme, crew herbs, lollo bionda lettuce, rocket leaves, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, olives, olive oil - 65Cal
Avocado Slices 30,000 L.B.P.Labneh 20,000 L.B.P.Feta 25,000 L.B.P.Halloumi 30,000 L.B.P.

Labneh 80,000L.B.P

Labneh, crew herbs, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, olives, olive oil - 73Cal

Feta 90,000 L.B.P.

Feta, crew herbs, cherry tomatoes, red and green bell peppers, oregano, olive oil - 155Cal

Halloumi Pesto 120,000 L.B.P.

Halloumi, crew herbs, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, pesto sauce - 130Cal

Fresh Mozzarella 165,000 L.B.P.

Fresh Mozzarella, basil leaves, cherry tomatoes, balsamic oil, pesto sauce - 144Cal

Brie Pear 185,000 L.B.P.

Brie, rocket leaves, pear, walnuts, sundried tomatoes - 124Cal

Goat cheese 185,000 L.B.P.

Goat cheese, rocket leaves, fresh thyme, cherry tomatoes, olives, olive oil - 263CalPesto 10,000 L.B.P.

Goat Cheese Honey 190,000 L.B.P.

Goat cheese, rocket leaves, dried figs, walnuts, honey - 345Cal
Raisins 15,000 L.B.P. Mango Slices 30,000 L.B.P.

Turkey cheese 155,000 L.B.P.

Smoked turkey, Emmental, iceberg, cherry tomatoes, cornichons, mustard sauce - 185Cal

Turkey Raspberry 165,000 L.B.P.

Smoked turkey, Raspberry, cream cheese, Walnuts, Rocket leaves, Sundried tomatoes- 265Cal

Roast Beef Sandwich 180,000 L.B.P.

Homemade roast beef, iceberg, cherry tomatoes, cornichons, mustard sauce, caesar sauce - 240Cal

Bresaola 215,000 L.B.P.

Bresaola, sundried tomatoes, parmesan, rocket leaves, walnuts, balsamic Sauce - 380Cal
Goat Cheese 45,000 L.B.P.Brie 45,000 L.B.P.

Bresaola fresh mozzarella 225,000 L.B.P.

Bresaola, fresh mozzarella, parmesan, rocket leaves, cherry tomatoes, pesto sauce - 276Cal

Parma 210,000 L.B.P.

Parma ham, sundried tomatoes, parmesan, rocket leaves, walnuts, olive oil - 320Cal

Parma pear 210,000 L.B.P.

Parma ham, pear, parmesan, lollo bionda lettuce, balsamic oil - 345Cal

Parma truffle oil 225,000 L.B.P.

Parma ham, brie, rocket leaves, truffle oil - 320Cal

Chicken Caesar 180,000 L.B.P.

Grilled chicken breast, parmesan, iceberg, cherry tomatoes, cornichons, Caesar sauce - 337Cal

Chicken avocado 185,000 L.B.P.

Grilled chicken breast, sundried tomatoes, parmesan, avocado slices, rocket leaves, fresh mushrooms, lemon oil sauce - 361Cal
Mango Slices 30,000 L.B.P.

Chicken Pesto 180,000 L.B.P.

Grilled chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, Walnuts, iceberg lettuce, pesto sauce - 271Ca
Mexican Chicken Sandwich 185,000 LBP
Grilled Chicken, Fresh Mushrooms, Rocket Leaves, Spring onions,, Reed and Green Bell Peppers, Cayenne Pepper, Barbecue Sauce, Caesar Sauce - 343 Cal

Tuna 165,000 L.B.P.

Tuna, lollo bionda lettuce, Red and green Bell-peppers, cherry tomatoes, corn, cornichons, lemon oil sauce - 194Cal

Crab avocado 205,000 L.B.P.

Crab, avocado slices, rocket leaves, capers, lemon oil sauce - 307Cal

Salmon (B) 250,000 L.B.P.

Scottish smoked salmon, lemon slices, green onions, capers, rocket leaves, black pepper - 142Cal
Cream Cheese 25,000L.B.P.Avocado Slices 30,000 L.B.P.

Shrimp Avocado 245,000 L.B.P.

Shrimps, avocado slices, orange slices, lollo bionda lettuce - 187Cal


Penne Pomodoro 175,000 L.B.P.

Penne pasta, basil, homemade tomato sauce

Penne Arrabiata 180,000 L.B.P.

Penne pasta, basil, cayenne pepper, homemade tomato sauce.

Fusilli Alfredo 195,000 L.B.P.

Fusilli pasta, parmesan, fresh mushrooms, cream sauce

Fusilli Rose 195,000 L.B.P.

Fusilli pasta, basil, cream sauce, homemade tomato sauce

Farfalle pesto 195,000 L.B.P.

Farfalle pasta, parmesan, homemade pesto sauce of basil and pine nuts

Mac and cheese 200,000 L.B.P.

Fusilli pasta, cheddar, emmental, mozzarella, cream sauce

Add to your cup:

Fresh mushrooms 15,000 L.B.P.Olives 10,000 L.B.P.Sundried tomatoes 20,000 L.B.P.Three cheese 20,000 L.B.P.Parmesan 20,000 L.B.P.Truffle oil 25,000 L.B.P.Fresh mozzarella 35,000 L.B.P.Grilled chicken breast 45,000 L.B.P.Shrimps 65,000 L.B.P.Smoked Salmon 70,000 L.B.P.


Lentil Soup 125,000 LBP


Chocolate, banana, Walnuts 115,000 L.B.P.

Peanut butter, raspberry 130,000 L.B.P.

Goat cheese, pear, raspberry 190,000 L.B.P.

Brie, raspberry, walnuts 190,000 L.B.P.


Mixed dried fruits 110,000 L.B.P.

Dried figs, raisins, walnuts, honey, sesame - 610Cal

Fig Walnut 100,000 L.B.P.

Six whole dried figs stuffed with walnut halves - 305Cal

Fruit Cup 145,000 L.B.P.

Seasonal fruits, walnuts, dried figs, honey orange dressing - 283CalAvocado Slices 30,000 L.B.P.


Small water 15,000 L.B.P.

Soft Drinks 30,000 L.B.P.

Iced tea peach 40,000 L.B.P.

Perrier 50,000 L.B.P.

Fresh orange 50,000 L.B.P.