Crestena Khidhir

Software Developer with a passion for Game Development and User Experience

Game Development

With a love for video games from a very young age, I studied Game Development in university and continued to apply my learning to personal projects.

With an FPS game already in development and more ideas brewing, I have experience in both Unity's C# and Unreal Engine's C++.

Web Development

From university courses to professional jobs, I have experience building, maintaining, and testing web applications from the ground up.

With two full-stack projects during university, I started my professional career working on live websites and continue to do so as a part-time job!

Mobile Development

Through university courses and personal projects, I have experience programming for Android and iOS.

Using Flutter, I have built an app with a small group of friends aimed at solving an issue we all face - tracking our video game collections while focusing on the user experience.

User Interface Design

Through different projects and work experiences, I learned the importance of a good user experience and how an eye-catching and intuitive UI can help achieve that.

Now, I apply principles learned in school and personal experience in creating the best UI/UX in everything from website menus to game HUDs.

Media Marketing

Working as a recruitment officer and social media manager, I have experience in making everything from physical posters, to Instagram posts, to managing Google Ads campaigns.

Using Canva, GIMP, and business suites, I'm familiar with customer acquisition and analytics tracking.