Credible Sources

Can You Trust the Information?

Access the link to the slides presentation and make a copy for your own Google Drive. You can also view the Evaluating Digital Resources presentation in the webpage section below:

Slide Presentation

Source Credibility Presentation

Main Questions:

Who published this website?

Does the site have a sponsoring organization?

Who wrote the content?

What is the site's purpose?

Does the site include a bibliography of resources or references?

When was the site last updated?

Can you locate information for the site owner or publisher?


Evaluate two websites featuring the same topic or subject. Select one website from Group 1 sites to evaluate, and choose the website in Group 2 for your second evaluation. Make sure you are logged into your Google account in order to copy the evaluation handouts into your Google Drive or wait for your teacher's instructions.

Use both of the two Evaluating Websites handouts. Select the handout you would like to use for your Group 1 site, and evaluate the Group 2 site with the second evaluating website doc.

Extended Activities for Practice and Application: