CreativeMachineStageLighting LLC

We design creatively.

We work like a machine.

We help your show as your machines to light.

Lighting Design

From a Yoga Studio to Lincoln Center, we handle wide range type of lighting design.

Theater Technical Coordination

International tour into US or Tour to Europe and Japan. We can provide technical coordination/ consultant service flexibility. We have over 15 years experience of lighting design in international or intercultural situation. We can help your Designers, Technical Coordinators and Producers to coordinate their design/production to fit into the tour.

Our service covers not only for paperworks but also providing actual equipments and workers. Please contact us to make a coordination plan for you.

Theatrical Translator

We can provide Japanese/English Translator specified for theater work. We can provide paperwork translation service, on site interpretation service and organize full translator team for all aspect of theater work.

We are flexible. Contact us and let us know your needs!