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CMsl is Established in 2017 in Bushwick Brooklyn by Ayumu Poe Saegusa.

Based on his over 20 years of experience in Tokyo and New York City, we provide various types of service in theater world.

Ayumu Poe Saegusa


~Lighting Designer

~Production Manager

Ayumu “Poe” Saegusa (lighting designer) started stage lighting design when he was a student of International Christian University as the president of the Lighting Committee. After he graduated from ICU, He worked as a sales manager in a school for social education. Although that experience was so impressive and exciting, he decided to come back to the theater industry and started his career as a professional lighting designer in 2000 in Tokyo. He worked as a freelance designer also worked as an apprentice under a Master Lighting Designer, Shin Inokuchi for 2 years.

He moved into NYC in 2005. He started an internship at HERE ARTS CENTER at SOHO and became their resident lighting designer. He served his lighting design to Culture Mart (an annual festival of HERE’s resident artists) 2006-2019, and 20 full productions (including Looking At You by Kristin Martin, The Black History Museum by Zoey Martinson) and countless work in progress & showcases at there.

He also works as a freelance lighting designer for various types of shows from NY Fringe festival to Lincoln Center and tours overseas and in the US. His credit includes Skriker (Williams College 2016, MA) by Kameron Steel, and Rite of Spring (While light festival at Lincoln Center 2014, NY) by Basil Twist. Philharmonia Orchestra of New York (Pony) season 2016-2018 (ROSE THEATER JAZZ At Lincoln Center 2016, NY).

He has experience touring all over the US, Europe, and South America with shows he designed. He also works as a production coordinator/a production Manager between the USA and Japan. His clients are including The Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Japan Society, NHK (Japan Broad Cast corporation)、FCI, Shochiku, Katsura Sunshine, and many other clients.

He got his green card because of his extraordinary ability in lighting design in 2015.

<September 1996-Present> Freelance Lighting Designer-Selected shows

Director/Company Show Venue/ Date

Kevin Augustine/Lone Wolf Tribe Body Concert (Link) Les Sages Fous, Trois-Rivieres (Canada) 2019

Philharmonia Orchestra of New York Pony Season 2018 La Traviata Rose Theater in Jazz at Lincoln Center (NYC) March 2018

James Scruggs/3LD 3/FIFths (Link) 3 Legged Dog Entire space (NYC) May 2017

Philharmonia Orchestra of New York Pony Season 2017 Rimsky-Korsakov- Scheherazade

Rose theater in Jazz at Lincoln Center (NYC) March 2017

Kameron Steel/Williams College Skriker Center Stage Williams College (MA) Nov 2016

Kristin Martin/Five on Match Seen By Everyone Main Stage in HERE (NYC) May 2016

Philharmonia Orchestra of New York Pony Season 2016 Rose Theater in Jazz at Lincoln Center (NYC) March 2016

Kameron Steel/Williams College Blood Wedding Center Stage Williams College (MA) Oct 2015

Yako Miyamoto/COBU Dance like Drumming, Sing Like Dancing Theater for The New City (NYC) Sept 2014

Mark Rayment/3LD Deepest Man 3LD (NYC) May-June 2014

Kristin Martin/Sarah Lawrence Three Sisters Sarah Lawrence College (NY) Dec 2012

Gabrielle Rooth Sole to Soul PS122 (NYC) April 2012

Toshi Shioya(From Japan) HIKOBAE (US TOUR and world premiere) Alvin Ailey Theater/United Nations (NYC) March 2012

Joey Arias Joey Arias Concert NYC Town Hall (NYC) May 2011

Kevin Augustine/Lone Wolf Tribe Hobo Grunt Cycle San Francisco, Philadelphia (US) May 2011

Suzushiro (From Japan) Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (US premiere) June Havoc Theater, New York (US) June 2010

Yasuko Yokoshi/Map productions Tyler Tyler Dance Theater Workshop (NYC) April 2010

Yako Miyamoto/COBU En Theater for The New City (NYC) Aug 2009

Hitoshi Taguchi/Grinder Man Mustang Mono 09 Asahi Art Square (Tokyo) July 2009

Kevin Augustine/Lone Wolf Tribe Hobo Grunt Cycle Dordrecht (Holland), San Paulo, Brasilia (Brazil) May, Aug 2009

Yoshiyuki Ishizuka/ARM Hyakka Houyou Yorozu Studio (Tokyo) Dec 2008

Kamimuramegumi Company Mountains Agora Theater (Tokyo) Jan 2007

Yoshiyuki Ishizuka/A Rakkasei Moon Hot Spot Universe Theater V Akasaka (Tokyo) Oct 2006

Mac Wellman/Brooklyn College BROOKLYN COLLEGE PLAYWRIGHT FESTIVAL Classic Stage Company (NYC) Apr 2006

<September 2007-Present Lighting Designer for Basil Twist> (Link)

Director/Company Show Venue Date

Basil Twist/Tandem Otter Sisters Follies Abrons Arts Center (NYC) Oct-Nov 2015

Basil Twist/Tandem Otter/Lincoln Center White light Festival

The Rite of Spring (NYC premiere) Rose theater in Jazz at Lincoln center (NYC) Oct 2014

Basil Twist/Tandem Otter The Rite of Spring (World Premier) University North Carolina Memorial Hall (NC) Apr 2013

Basil Twist/Tandem Otter Arias with a Twist Deluxe Abrons Arts Center (NYC) Sept-Oct 2011

Basil Twist/Tandem Otter Arias with a Twist HERE ARTS CENTER (NYC) June-Dec 2008


Director/Company Show Venue, City (Country) Date

Basil Twist/Tandem Otter Arias with a Twist Deluxe The Wooly Mammoth Theater, DC (US) Apr-May 2012

Basil Twist/Tandem Otter Arias with a Twist LC(US), Maubeuge(France), Creteil (France), Stockholm (Sweden) March, Sep, Oct, Nov 2009

<November 2005-Present Resident Lighting Designer of HERE ARTS CENTER>

Director/Company Show Venue Date

Zoey Martinson The Black History Museum (Link) HERE ARTS CENTER Entire space (NYC) 2019

Kristin Marting Looking At You (Link ) HERE ARTS CENTER Main Stage(NYC) 2019

Joseph Keckler/ProtoType Festival Jan 2019 TRAIN WITH NO MIDNIGHT (Link)

The Dorothy B Williams Theater in HERE(NYC) 2019

Chris Green American Weather The Dorothy B Williams Theater in HERE(NYC) July 2018

Wade McCollum/Sarah Small/ProtoType Festival Secondary Dominance The Dorothy B Williams Theater in HERE(NYC) Jan 2017

Jessica Scott Ship of Fools The Dorothy B Williams Theater in HERE Oct (NYC) 2016


Michael Bodel Sonnambula HERE ARTS CENTER (NYC) Oct 2011

Kameron Steel/The South Wing Epona's Labyrinth HERE ARTS CENTER (NYC) April 2011

Yoav Gal Mosheh HERE ARTS CENTER (NYC) Jan-Feb 2011

Lindsay Abromaitis-Smith Epyllion HERE ARTS CENTER (NYC) Jan 2011

Jeffrey Mousseau Aunt Leaf HERE ARTS CENTER (NYC) Hudson Opera House (NY) Jan 2010

HERE ARTS CENTER American Living room Festival 2006 & 2007 HERE ARTS CENTER (NYC) July-Aug

Organized the whole renovation of the theater building Jan-May 2008

Design and help a lot of work in progress for residence artists in HERE ARTS CENTER

<April 2011-Present Technical Coordinator/Production Management>

Director/Company Show Venue Date

Hideki Noda/Tokyo Metropolitan Theater One Green Bottle

National Theater (Taiwan), La Mama ETC Ellen Stewart Theater (NYC) 2020

Katsura Sunshine/Yoshimoto Creative Agency Rakugo (Production Management/Lighting Designer)

Royal Arts performing space (NYC) Feb 2019

Ninagawa Company/Lincoln Center Festival Ninagawa Macbeth(Tech Translator) David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center(NYC) 2018

Katsura Sunshine Rakugo (Production Management/Lighting Designer) SOHO Playhouse (NYC) Oct-Nov 2017

Shochiku Kabuki Lion (Organize Tech Translators) MGM Grand, David Copperfield Theater(NV) June 2016

Heads on Stage Kinky Booth Japan tour prep(Organize Tech translator) March 2016

NHK Toshiko Akiyoshi Last Concert (Lighting coordinator) Rose Theater in Jazz at Lincoln Center (NYC) March 2016

Hajime Deguchi/Tamotsu Harada Trip Of Love (Lighting coordinator) Little Schubert Theater (NY) July- 2015

Otomo Ryohei FEN NY tour (Tech coordinate/Tour lighting designer) Japan Society (NYC) May 2015

Charanpo Rantan NY tour (Tech coordinate/Tour lighting designer) Japan Society (NYC) Oct 2015

Ninagawa Company/Lincoln Center Festival Kafka On the Shore(Tech Translator) 2015 David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center(NYC)

Nobuyuki Hanabus, Mikiko Kawamura, Kaori Seki, I-Fen Tung and Shang-Chi Sun

16th dance showcase Japan (Japan and Taiwan) Japan Society (NYC) Jan 2015

Heisei Nakamuraza/Lincoln Center festival Kaidan Chibusa no Enoki(Tech Translator) Rose Theater Jazz At Lincoln Center (NYC) June 2014

Shingon & Tendai Buddhism Shyomyo (US Tour) Haverford College (PA), Japan Society, Kennedy Center (DC) March 2014

Alec Duffy Our Planet (Tech coordinate/Tour lighting designer) Japan Society (NYC) Nov-Dec 2013

Ryuichi Sakamoto, John Zorn Zorn@60 Japan Society (NYC) Oct 2013

Mansai Nomura (Japan) Macbeth Japan Society (NYC) March 2013

Oriza Hirata/Seinendan (Japan) SAYONARA & I, WORKER Japan Society (NYC) Feb 2013

Kuromori Kagura (Japan) Kuromori Kagura Wesleyan University (CT), Philadelphia Museum of Art (PA), Towson University (MD), Japan Society (NY) March 2012

Okada Toshiki/Cherufichu(Japan) Hot Pepper, Air Conditioner, and the Farewell Speech Japan Society (NYC) Jan 2012

Hideki Noda (Japan/UK) The Bee Japan Society (NYC) Jan 2012

Japan Society Concert for Japan Japan Society (NYC) April 2011

Takashi Inuishi ( from Japan) Freddy the Leaf John Jay Theater (NYC) Aug 2010

<Associate/assistant Lighting Designer >

Director/Lighting Designer Show Venue Date

Shochiku Geinou/Yasuki Akimoto/ Donald Holder Ninja Kabuki (Link ) Sinbashi Enbujo (Tokyo) 2020

Basil Twist/Andrew Hill Symphony Fantastic HERE Arts Center Main Stage(NYC) 2018

Lorin Maazel/Rie Ono Castleton Opera/Music Festival 2008, 2010-2011 Castleton theater,

Hylton Performing Arts Center in Manassas (VA) June-July

Basil Twist Dogugaeshi-France Tour Passenger Festival in Metz, Le Mouffetard in Paris (France) May 2015

Basil Twist Dogugaeshi-UK Tour Barbican Center, London (UK) Jan 2015

Basil Twist Dogugaeshi-Switzerland Tour Vidy Theater, Lausanne (Switzerland_) Jan -Feb 2014

Basil Twist Dogugaeshi-National Tour 2013 Hamilton Collage in Clinton NY, Japan Society in NC, Red Cat Disney theater in LA, University of California Berkeley Zellerbach Playhouse in San Francisco Sep-Dec 2013

Basil Twist Dogugaeshi-National Tour 2012 Studio Theater in DC (USA) April 2012

Basil Twist Dogugaeshi-National Tour 2009 EMPAC,, Brooks theater in Cleveland, Spoleto Festival in Charleston, La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego (USA) April-June 2009

Basil Twist Dogugaeshi-Japan Tour 21st century museum in Kanazawa, Shunju-za in Kyoto, Landmark Theater in Yokohama, Kyodo Bunka Center in Tokushima (Japan) Nov-Dec 2007

In Japan

April 2002-April 2004 Associate Resident Lighting Designer /Lighting supervisor of Ongakudo In Japan

Ongakudo is managed by Kanagawa Arts Foundation. Poe handled over 200 shows in 2 years as the associate.

April 2000- May 2005 Freelance Lighting Designer at Down Town Theater in Tokyo

Main Client: A Rakkasei Moon. Attractive Voice. Oosawa 3 choume Theater.


April 1996- March 2000 International Christian University Tokyo, Japan

Bachelor of Liberal Arts 2000 Major: Japanese History

President of Lighting Committee

Special Skills

Computer skills: ETC Off-line Software(Expression, Eos, Congo), Vector Works, Lightwrite, Q-Lab. Video Projection Specialist. Avo Light Titan one. Grand MA2, Basic Power tools, Basic carpentry skills.