Creative Hands

Fine hand-made wood furnishings from environmentally-sourced local trees.

"From the Tree to What You See!"

Featuring the work of Frank Cubero, master craftsman and Transylvania County local. Frank creates unique, beautiful, sturdy, functional & one-of-a-kind home furnishings from reclaimed local wood that is all environmentally harvested.

Specialty Woods & One-of-a-Kind Treasures!

Having been a wood worker for over 25 years, Frank has developed his own unique style. He also owns and operates his own saw mill, taking each piece "from tree to what you see". He works with local arborists to find trees that would otherwise be discarded and turns them into beautiful, functional furnishings for your home. All our creations are made from trees grown right here in Transylvania County. Our climate lends itself to great botanical variety, and we many of the most beautiful species anywhere in the world.

Frank, who spent 10 years working for the NC Forest Service, has an eye and a passion for wood and is always on the lookout for wood with unique characteristics. Frank knows many local arborists and has his own saw mill, dump truck, and tractor, allowing him to go get logs from hazard trees, storm damage, etc and make beautiful things with the wood. He does it all- taking the wood from the tree to the finished product, as he says, "from the tree to what you see!"

You can find Frank on Saturday mornings at the Transylvania Tailgate Market in downtown Brevard, NC along with over 60 other local farmers and craftsmen.

Come see us at the Transylvania Farmer's Market

Saturday Mornings from mid April through Christmas!

Fine Home Furnishings

Each as unique as the tree from which it came!

We constantly come out with new products, so you never know what you will find.

Coming Soon- Live natural edge slab furniture & wood slice coffee and end tables!

Cutting Boards, Butcher Blocks, Magnetic Knife Blocks, & Charcuterie Trays

Care Instructions for all butcher blocks, knife blocks, cutting boards, and charcuterie trays:

To maintain the finish, just wash with hot soapy water, dry, then condition with food safe oil or butcher block conditioner. We recommend Howard's Butcher Block Conditioner with canuba oil and bee's wax.

Natural Charcuterie Trays and Servers

End-Grain Butcher Blocks

As rugged s they are beautiful, these butcher blocks are perfect for the chef in your life! Made from the end-grain of the wood and a good solid 1.5 in. thick, these butcher blocks can take daily use. The end grain self-heals, keeping the knife marks from showing.

Natural Edge Cutting Boards/ Serving Trays

Native Wood inlay Cutting Boards

Magnetic Knife Blocks

Natural Edge Carved Cedar Fruit Bowls

3 Tier H' Ours d' oeuvre /dessert severs or plant stands

Natural & Live Edge Lazy Susans & Coasters

Fine Crafted Lazy Susans from Local Specialty Woods

Custom Orders

Don't see the size or type of wood you need? Looking for a custom-built high-end piece of furniture? Looking for furniture made with natural edge or live edge slabs?

Ask us about a custom order.

Frank has most kinds of local wood in stock and can build just about anything. You will get a unique, quality piece.